Cancel Sprint Service Without Early Termination Fees

Posted by Madison on January 21, 2008

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Comments to Cancel Sprint Service Without Early Termination Fees

  1. Congrats on your successful transition! I love the data plan, and use it often. My wife got the Palm Centro as well. We are having trouble getting it set up though, so we will have to call (again) about it.


  2. Isn’t the SERO plan a commitment for two years? What are your thoughts on being locked in for that duration?

    When I read about this on slickdeals, I liked everything but the contract period. I’m betting that things will change with the industry this year…

    KarenM in NC

    Karen Moeller

  3. @ Patrick: So far I love it! Thanks again for making me aware of it.

    @ Karen: Yes, I did have to commit for 2 years. However, with such a good plan and rate, it was something I was willing to do. We’ve been with Sprint for about 5 years and I’ve always been happy with the service.


  4. were you able to keep your old number? that’s what I can’t figure out how to do.


    • @ rocketc: No, I had to get a new number. I’ve heard that if you port your number to a different provider then port it back, it could be done. However, I wasn’t that tied to my number.


  5. Did this cancellation actually work for anyone who was really leaving Sprint entirely? Because I have tried 3 times and I just keep getting told I cannot get out of my agreement for my wife’s phone on Sprint due to these changes because they are not adverse to my agreement.


  6. @ David: Did your change in fees result in an increase? If so, that’s considered adverse and you should be able to end the contract. That was what the Sprint rep said even before I told her I would be staying on with the new plans.


  7. Yea, same fee change as everyone else. They just keep saying no until I can’t take it anymore. Sprint sucks big time, I am glad I left. After firing nearly 4,000 people this morning, CS can only get worse. Just gotta get the wife out now!


  8. @David, I just followed the advice here and just got off the phone with the service rep that set my account up for cancellation with no ETF’s. Now one thing to remember is that Sprint bills a month ahead so I’ll have 4 lines that over lap before the old ones are cancelled out.

    I also had to get a new number, but that isn’t a big deal for me or my wife. Just make sure you are persistant with the rep, as I got a bunch of offers even up to 150.00 per new phone if I kept the lines. Once I declined all the offers the rep went through the cancellation process.


  9. It finally worked! I got the nicest, most understanding guy on the phone. He did not try to upsell or make me stay, I told him the deal and he canceled. Yes! Thanks Madison and everyone else for the advice!


  10. @David.. congrats, glad you were finally let out!


    • @ David & Jeff: Congrats! I’m so glad to hear it worked for both of you!


  11. I tried calling and cancelling but the person it the retention department told me that i was not able to cancel because the increase was only 4 cents more. is it true that i can’t cancel because she told me that it has to be more than 40 cents.


  12. @ Rodley: I would call back. It sounds like people are sometimes having to call a couple times. How can 40 cents be adverse and 4 cents not be? I’m not a legal expert…. but it seems to me a change is a change, right? And they did increase your rates. I’d give it another shot.


  13. Madison: Called back and they cancelled my account with no problem. thanks for the advice. After i cancelled i placed my order for a new contract which is 2 years that i hate but i get a much better deal with the sero plan. Thanks again.


  14. Update – Sprint charged me the termination fee anyway, even after they said they wouldn’t. Just got the bill. And when I called, they say they have no record of the fee being waived, so too bad.

    They are a bunch of lying crooks and no one should ever sign up for an account with them. Now I have to take them to small claims court (which would cost more than the fee) just on principal alone.

    This is crap. Watch your bills everyone.


  15. @David.. did you talk to retentions? I would call them back and explain the situation that according to law they were to let you out with out the ETF. My plan expired on the 22 of this month (Feb) and I haven’t been recharged or been charged the ETF.


  16. I have talked to every single person in all departments and they have all said “too bad”.
    My plan “expired” on the 18th and I got my huge bill yesterday, so you still might get yours.


  17. @ David: Wow! How can they have no record of it? They obviously got the record that you canceled. Do you have the persons name that you talked to? I hope you are able to get this resolved. Our plan ended January 31 and I haven’t seen any charges.


  18. Yes, they have the record I that says I canceled, but somehow don’t have any notes saying my fees were waived. And now that the account is closed, it’s 30 days past the change in terms, and the fees have already been charged, it’s too bad for me. This according to a manager in the cancellation department.

    What a great company, that Sprint…and to think I was with them for over 10 years. Thanks you guys!


  19. another great way to get out of your contract with no termination fee is to port your phone number over to boost mobile and there are no termination fees. It is a little time consuming because boost mobile is such a ghetto company but it does work.


  20. hey guys, i found the real deal. called sprint and asked if it would work (the representative was very friendly). so here’s how you do it 🙂

    1. call *2 on your phone
    2. Ask to be switched over to Nextel (requires purchasing a nextel phone [$50-$100])
    3. Within 30 days of signing up with your new Nextel contract, simply call back and cancel your account. No early termination fee’s nothing. 😀

    there ya go guys 😀


  21. I just went to Nextel and ALL of their phones come with 2 year commitments. Am I missing something?



  22. hey guys um I just got off the phone with some lady who refuses to cancel my phone without ETF. I have three phones on my account and recntly found out that they had extended my contract two years because I purchased a new phone with a discount. Um how can I get out without paying, im stuck for 2 more years and didnt even know it. They just extended the contract without telling me. And they claim that they can do that if they give u a discount on phones. Help please I dont know how to get out without paying that fee… 🙁


  23. I’m really in a bind with Sprint. I’ve since left Sprint and went with Verizon. I’ve just received a bill for $175.00 for early termination. I would appreciate it if Madison could help me out here, it sounds like she really knows her stuff.
    A prompt reply would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much.


    Ruth Wartenberg

  24. First things first did you transfer your sprint number to verizon? If you did your going to have to pay the etf, I work at a sprint store in ny, If you did not transfer your number I can 100 percent get you out of your contract.


  25. Hey Tom. I’m interested in your help if you are able to. I’m just flat out canceling sprint and would love to avoid the EFT.

    My two year contract was supposed to end in August, but because I added my wife onto my plan the new end date is 2010. Email me with suggestions.

    David P.





  27. @Ruthie
    I’m looking into getting out of my Sprint contract at the moment and from the research I’ve done and people I’ve talked to, including the legal department at my work, these ETF’s can not accrue interest and have no terms of payment. Therefore you should be able to pay it back at whatever pace you want. So you could potential pay $1 a month for however it takes. I plan on telling them that I will be doing this and see if they don’t lower the amount they charge me as a result for one full payment. Regardless of what they say, if you are making payments they cannot send you to collections or have it affect your credit. If anyone has heard otherwise, please let us know. Thanks.


    • so if i want 2 leave at&t i can just transfer my number and pay off the ETF


  28. My husband and I have had nextel for several years now. This past May we were eligible for an upgrade and I got the palm centro (which is a sprint phone) and my husband got the Nextel i335 because he needs direct connect for work. We got insurance on both of the phones. This costs us 7 bucks per month per phone + 50 bucks per phone they send you in case of loss..etc!!!

    About a month or two ago I lost my phone at a store and had to get it replaced. They sent me a refurbished centro and just 2 days ago it crapped out on me.

    Can anyone give me advice on what I should do??? I dont think its worth paying another 50 bucks (130 bucks total) when i could just buy a whole nother(cooler and better) the instinct for example!!

    what should i do? and what are my options?


  29. @ Kelly: When I got a refurbished phone, I believe it had a 90 warranty. Did you check to see if they will replace it for free?


  30. If you have insurance bring the phone to a repair center and they can swap it out for you its called an advanced exchange and since you have insurance there is no charge for that.


  31. I really would like to end my sprint contract early for free in order to move to at&t in order to purchase an i-phone. can anybody help me?


  32. I am in the same boat as KP. I would like to get out of my contract. Has anyone tried using the fact that surcharges in oct 2008 went up as being “materially adverse”? If you have, please advise results.


  33. this is for Tom I need help my boyfriend has nextel /sprint and is on the road alot due to his job well thay say that thay have coverage all over … hes in IND and cant get calls or make calls hes been to the big city in IND and talked to nextel over prob .. thay say get a better phone .. there are 3000 guys there and some have nextel and have the same prob.. how can he get out of this contract do to no service???


  34. I dont even know how to start without going into a long story.
    1. Basically I agreed to service with sprint 1 phone since I have a friend who works there she set everything up but I was approved on my own
    2. months later I asked her if they had a laptop connect card, because I go to school, she then instead got me a so called free laptop but then I pay 59.99 monthly for internet
    3. she then asked me if she could add a line to my account. I allowed her figuring if anything went wrong with the bill she would handle it. so then we had a family plan
    from there on out of control phone bills , charges craziness. And she doesnt handle the issues with spriont until my service continously gets cut off im talkin two to three times per month and im making 100-150 payments on the account myself.
    4. we cancelled the laptop service advising I was not using it. they didnt do it but said they would
    months later huge bill she finally made sprint adjust over 600.00 off the bill. she put HER line on seasonal standby for 8.99 and changed the laptop into a reg phone line. By the way I am beefing with her about that, because I still pay family plan price. so then I just got my last bill 400.00. i go through the bills and see that I am billed for 2 fam plans on 1 bill what is wrong with them. i want out. I have now 3 lines on my account if i disconnect that almost 1000.00 in etf’s. i only use one of the lines this is sickening. and it seemed like this mess only started when i let her add a line. she doesnt use the phone that is on my account now. she has an i phone on one of her other customers accounts. I am not trying to get her fired but i want out. Is there ANY way. please help.


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