With the recession, loss of jobs, and unwillingness of banks to give out loans like they used to, many Americans have turned to their 401K for a loan. Aside from the fact that I cringe at the thought of taking money away from retirement—even at the young age of 29, even though I know it […]

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TD Ameritrade $100+ IRA Bonus

Posted by Kate on March 30, 2012

Here’s some more Free Money for anyone looking to roll over their 401k into an IRA! TDAmeritrade is offering up to $600 as a rollover bonus. This is in addition to the TD Ameritrade $200 Sign Up Bonus for regular accounts, which ends tomorrow. How to Get Your $600 Open a new TDAmeritrade IRA by […]

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11 Unusual Roth IRA Strategies

Posted by Madison on March 27, 2012

I converted funds to my first Roth IRA back in 1998, the first year they were available. Since then, I’ve not only made additional Roth IRA contributions, but found fun and exciting ways to use my Roth IRAs for even more powerful strategies. Most readers know the basics of Roth IRAs (contribute after tax money […]

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Unveiling The Retirement Myth Book Review

Posted by Madison on March 20, 2012

There are so many books about saving, investing, and building your portfolio, that it is rare to find a good book about spending down your portfolio, or the distribution stage. The book Unveiling The Retirement Myth by Jim Otar does a great job on explaining the distribution stage, in detail, with actual numbers. You can […]

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OptionsHouse $200+ IRA Rollover Bonus

Posted by Kate on March 9, 2012

We’re helping you get a head start on retirement planning with IRA rollover bonuses. Here is some more Free Money from OptionsHouse. They are also offering a few different bonuses for any IRA rollovers done in 2012 (this gives you a bit more time than some of our other bonuses from last week). How to Get your […]

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Retirement accounts take one of three forms: The 401(k), or other employer-sponsored qualified plan, where you contribute pre-tax funds and pay taxes on the contributions and gains at withdrawal; the Traditional IRA, where contributions may or may not be deductible now, and gains and deductible contributions are taxed at withdrawal; or the Roth IRA, which […]

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Betterment $25 Bonus to Fund IRA

Posted by Madison on March 2, 2012

We’re capping off IRA Bonus week with more Free Money! The next one is a twist on the $25 sign up bonus from Betterment to fund a new IRA. While the bonus isn’t specifically for the IRA account, I did find a workaround to get the $25 bonus and move it to your Betterment IRA. […]

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Etrade $100+ IRA Rollover Bonus

Posted by Kate on March 1, 2012

IRA Bonus week continues with more Free Money! If any of you have changed jobs recently, you may be considering rolling over your old 401k into an IRA. ETrade is offering a few different bonuses for any IRA rollovers done by April 17, 2012. How to Get your $100 – $600 Rollover Bonus Make a […]

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Schwab $200+ IRA Rollover Bonus

Posted by Madison on February 28, 2012

We’re continuing IRA Bonus week with more Free Money! A friend of mine is planning to rollover her old 401ks to IRAs shortly, so I wanted to explore the sign up bonuses currently available for rollover money. Up first is Schwab, where we have some of our IRA money. Schwab is offering a $200 – […]

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Sharebuilder $50 IRA Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on February 27, 2012

We’re kicking off a special Free Money IRA Bonus week! Here’s a great offer that you’ll have to hurry up on! Sharebuilder is offering a $50 sign-up bonus if you open an IRA by March 1 (that’s Thursday!). How to Get Your $50 Open a new Sharebuilder IRA. Deposit at least $200 into your IRA […]

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