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Sharebuilder $50 IRA Sign Up Bonus

We’re kicking off a special Free Money [1] IRA Bonus week!

Here’s a great offer that you’ll have to hurry up on! Sharebuilder [2] is offering a $50 sign-up bonus if you open an IRA by March 1 (that’s Thursday!).

How to Get Your $50

  1. Open a new Sharebuilder [2] IRA.
  2. Deposit at least $200 into your IRA by March 1, 2012 & use promotion code IRA50.
  3. Sharebuilder will deposit $50 by March 16, 2012!

Sharebuilder Terms and Conditions

  • The bonus will be considered a 2012 contribution and counts towards, and may be limited or prohibited by, your annual IRA contribution limit [3].
  • You must have earned income in 2012 to qualify and you must also be eligible for Traditional or Roth IRA contributions.
  • Not valid with any other offers.

More on Sharebuilder & IRA’s

Sharebuilder. Sharebuilder [4] is one of our favorite online brokerages [5]. Make sure you check out our review [6].

IRA’s. If you haven’t opened an IRA yet, now’s the time, before the tax deadline [7]. You can’t start planning for retirement [8] early enough!