Risk Tolerance and Smart Investing

Posted by Guest Author on July 20, 2009

This is a guest post by Carson Brackney, writer for Personal Finance Analyst. Personal Finance Analyst is an online community of bloggers dedicated to taking the mystery out of money and helping you to live a happier, more successful life with the money you have. Risk Tolerance Calculators New Jersey’s Cooperative Extension Services (operated out […]

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Readers Share Lending Club Returns

Posted by Madison on June 3, 2009

I recently asked How is your Lending Club Account Doing? after seeing my net annualized return on investment at 8.44%. I enjoyed reading readers’ responses about their portfolios at Lending Club and wanted to share them. It’s fun to see how everyone stacks up and what their portfolios look like. What I find particularly interesting […]

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How is your Lending Club Account Doing?

Posted by Madison on May 20, 2009

I logged into my Lending Club account this week to see how my loans are doing. So far my net annualized return on investment is 8.44%! My Lending Club Account My loans are all current, which is much better than the loan I had at Prosper, which was charged-off last week because the person filed […]

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How Does Zecco Stack Up?

Posted by Madison on April 6, 2009

Zecco was on my short list in my search for a new brokerage, since they have dirt cheap, and sometimes free, trades. I finally got around to checking them out last week after I heard about their April Fools’ Day joke. Apparently, when customers logged in last Wednesday, they were greeted with million dollar account […]

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Lending Club Step-By-Step Guide

Posted by Madison on March 10, 2009

My Lending Club portfolio is finally starting to take shape. If you haven’t signed up for a Lending Club account yet, here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a lender and a sneak peak into what you’ll see once you fund some loans. For all the details on minimum investments, interest rates, and requirements, see my […]

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TradeKing Review

Posted by Madison on January 29, 2009

The search continues for my new brokerage account. This week I opened a new account at TradeKing. My TradeKing Review I’ve written about TradeKing before, because they offered a great sign up bonus in the past. I didn’t get a chance to open an account then, but I figured now was a great time, since […]

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ShareBuilder Review: My New Account

Posted by Madison on January 22, 2009

My search for a new brokerage account is on… first stop ShareBuilder. My ShareBuilder Review I had an old account at ShareBuilder that I haven’t used in 6 years, so I had to open a new one. Although, they wanted me to remember my user name and password from back then… and the name of […]

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Have You Checked out Lending Club?

Posted by Madison on January 8, 2009

If only Lending Club had existed back when we loaned money to my brother-in-law for a car. He had a new job and needed a car to get to work. After a lengthy discussion we loaned him the money. In general, I don’t like to loan family or friends money, but I do like to […]

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Writing Bylaws for Your Investment Club

Posted by Madison on July 29, 2008

Starting an investment club is much easier if you can see how others have done it in the past. I reviewed the goals, responsibilities, and club business in how to start an investment club and covered our investment club portfolio and returns. A reader, Kevin, is interested in starting his own investment club. He emailed […]

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Mid Year Investment Portfolio Update

Posted by Madison on July 28, 2008

Mid year is a great time to review your portfolio and asset allocation. It’s the first task I listed in 10 Important Tasks for Your Mid Year Checkup. Since we’ve had a few big changes in our life lately, we’ve tweaked our portfolio to account for the new lifestyle. Here’s a closer look into our […]

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