4 Things to Consider When Picking the Right Investments

Posted by Madison on July 22, 2008

This article is a guest post by Rich Leverage, author of Rich Credit Debt Loan. Rich focuses on leveraging debt instead of eliminating it… clearly a strategy that I’m fond of. If you enjoy the article, please consider subscribing to his feed. Why do some people succeed in the stock market like crazy and other […]

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10 Important Tasks for Your Mid Year Checkup

Posted by Madison on July 7, 2008

We’re half way through the year. It’s a great time to do a mid-year checkup of your financial situation. Here are a few of the topics that I like to revisit in the summer to make sure that we are on track! 1. Asset allocation rebalancing. Have you rebalanced your portfolio lately? With the decline […]

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Diversify Your Income

Posted by Madison on April 21, 2008

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a common phrase for investing, but it also applies to your income. Diversifying your income streams is a great way to position yourself against the unknowns: job loss, downturn in the market, business failure, etc. Update: Here is our current diversification of income. The following is […]

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Stock Splits 101

Posted by Madison on April 9, 2008

Many investors get excited when a company issues a stock split. What is a stock split? Is it good or bad? How does it affect your investment? Let’s take a look at how a stock split works and what is in it for you! What is a stock split? A stock split is when a […]

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Investment Club Portfolio and Returns

Posted by Madison on March 26, 2008

After I wrote how to start an investment club, readers wanted to know more about our investment club portfolio and returns. With the permission from the club members, here is what our portfolio and returns look like at Scottrade, in addition to more information about how the club works.

Investment Snowflaking at MSN

Posted by Madison on March 19, 2008

Welcome readers from MSN! Today I wrote a guest post for MSN on Investment Snowflaking explaining how it works, the benefits and some examples. It’s a spin-off of a popular strategy know as debt snowflaking. Each time you receive extra money — a sale on eBay, a bonus check, or repayment from a friend who […]

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How to Start an Investment Club

Posted by Madison on March 14, 2008

How to start an investment club from start to finish. We had our monthly investment club meeting this week. We formed the club about five years ago and have come a long way. If you are interested in starting a club of your own, here’s some of the information from the handout at our first […]

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Reverse Strategy: Decreasing Contribution Percent

Posted by Madison on March 5, 2008

After my husband read our net worth update, he asked why our portfolio was declining and if contributions wouldn’t offset the declines. I explained that we had reduced our savings contributions significantly in the last few years, which alarmed him. Actually, the strategy I came up with is anything but alarming. Here’s an example of […]

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Money Matters for All Ages: The Complete Guide

Posted by Madison on January 26, 2008

Sixteen personal finance writers put together an outstanding guide of finance material that spans a lifetime in the Money Matters for All Ages series. The entire series is also available to download in a free e-book. Here’s the highlights:

Investment Snowflaking

Posted by Madison on January 25, 2008

Debt snowflaking is a successful technique to get out of debt. In addition to the fixed amount that you have planned each month, you apply all the extra money you find to paydown your debt faster. It’s an extension of the snowball method and snowball calculator. Investment Snowflaking I didn’t want the investing crowd to be left […]

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