Should You Pay Your Student Loans with a Credit Card?

Posted by Amanda on October 28, 2013

If you are a disciplined credit card user—one that diligently pays off the balance you ring up before the grace period ends every month—then paying your student loans on a credit card seems like an easy way to rack up extra credit card reward points for something you were going to do anyway. It kind […]

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Til Debt Do Us Part

Posted by Kristen on October 14, 2013

The CNBC television show, Til Debt Do Us Part, features renowned financial expert, Gail Vaz-Oxlade helping couples get out of debt and manage their money better. The financial author and columnist comes into their home to dissect their current financial situation. I love this show, and I’ve learned a lot about money. If you’re looking […]

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How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Posted by Kristen on September 26, 2013

Dealing with debt is rough enough. It’s stressful, depressing, and scary. What makes it even worse is if you begin to start receiving calls from a debt collector. You may receive a call from a debt collector for several reasons. Here are some reasons why they may contact you and how to stop a debt […]

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Should You Take Out a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Posted by Amanda on September 25, 2013

One of the biggest fears for people cognizant of (and who care about) future finances is whether or not they are saving enough for retirement. The media likes to portray retirement as a fun-filled, party time where travel and golf twice a week are the soup du jour. But all of these things cost a […]

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Helping Out Your Kids: Making Loans to Children

Posted by Don on August 6, 2013

You always hear the old saying to never lend money to friends or family members. The reason for this is because you don’t want money to be a wedge in your relationship should the borrower skip out on payments. While I feel that this rule is a good one in theory, in practice it does […]

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Federal Student Loans versus Private Student Loans

Posted by Amanda on July 25, 2013

Student loan debt is one of the hottest topics over the last few years. Large media outlets have been having a heyday profiling individuals with massive amounts of student loans and poor future prospects brought about partially from a slow economy and partially from a poor choice in career-to-debt ratio. I can relate to these […]

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How to Use Upromise to Help Pay Off Student Loans

Posted by Kristen on July 16, 2013

One of my biggest financial obstacles is by far learning to deal with my student loans that I racked up throughout college and learning how to make these hefty payments every month on a tight budget. According to USA Today, student loan debt is at an astounding $986 billion now and continuing to grow fast. […]

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On September 1, 2010, my new husband and I declared ourselves to be non-mortgage, debt-free from our $25,000 of consumer and student loan debt mostly leftover from debt accumulation during our single years. It was momentous, it was awe-inspiring, and then it was just life as usual. Except that we didn’t quite know what debt-free, […]

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Is There a Student Loan Crisis?

Posted by Don on May 8, 2013

Dominating the news headlines currently is the topic of student loan debt and a possible student loan crisis. For the first time ever, the total amount of student loan debt has surpassed the $100 billion mark. This is more than consumer credit card debt and is second only to housing debt (mortgages). Many experts are […]

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New Pay As You Earn Student Loan Program

Posted by Amanda on May 7, 2013

One of the trendiest and most pressing topics in personal finances is the devastating amount of debt graduating with college students. Large debt loads saddle new graduates with large monthly payments. Couple this with sometimes unmarketable degrees that do not translate well in the workforce and a wavering economy, and we see that some students […]

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