Readers Share Refinance Strategies

Posted by Madison on March 12, 2012

Refinancing is a hot topic right now based on the record low mortgages rates. Readers had plenty of input when I recently asked What is Your Target Refinance Rate? Amanda also just shared her Refinancing Experience switching to a 15 year loan. There are so many different refinance strategies that I wanted to highlight some […]

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What is Your Target Refinance Rate?

Posted by Madison on February 13, 2012

Over the last few weeks, mortgages rates reached record lows, which makes me reconsider my mortgage… again. Anybody else feel like every time we refinance (because rates couldn’t possibly go any lower!?), rates again go even lower? So here we are, with an opportunity to lock in 30 year fixed mortgages at 3.75% or a […]

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How to Avoid Foreclosure Scams

Posted by Amanda on January 25, 2012

In 4 Foreclosure Scams to Watch Out For we discussed some of the most prevalent foreclosure scams out there. But how are you supposed to avoid these scams, especially since at the time when you are being approached you are most likely feeling vulnerable and extremely eager to get out of your present situation? Below […]

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4 Foreclosure Scams to Watch Out For

Posted by Amanda on January 17, 2012

Where there is opportunity, there are people to take advantage of it. Unfortunately scammers take advantage of opportunity to the detriment of others. Opportunity to a scammer is when a person is vulnerable, overly hopeful of finding help, and so eager to get out of their current situation that they fail to fully research any […]

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5 Reasons to Get Out of Debt

Posted by Jill on September 7, 2011

We talk a lot about saving and investing around here. And we also kind of assume that if you have any debt you are trying to get rid of it. But I know there’s lots of people out there who just haven’t taken the plunge and made the commitment to getting rid of debt once and […]

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5 Weird Bankruptcies Declared During the Recession

Posted by Amanda on August 3, 2011

When I think of bankruptcy I generally think of people declaring it. This could be for any number of reasons, such as large medical bills, poor financial decisions, losing work and being unable to find more, etc. With the recession, bankruptcy filings have increased with some very interesting cases popping up in the news. Because […]

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Should You Liquidate Savings to Pay off Debt?

Posted by Jill on June 22, 2011

Many articles have covered the crossover point – the point where earnings from investment income exceed living expenses, so that you can theoretically stop working for an income and instead just live off of your investments – detailed extensively in the book Your Money or Your Life. At some level, the crossover point is the […]

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5 Scary Foreclosure Fiascos

Posted by Amanda on June 21, 2011

According to RealtyTrac, the average foreclosure is being sold for $166,830, and there are currently 1,757,899 foreclosed homes around the US flooding the market. Facing so many foreclosures, major lenders such as JPMorgan Chase, Ally Financial’s GMAC Mortgage unit and Bank of America turned to sub-par practices in order to process the sheer volume of […]

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Why On Earth Did We Pay Cash?

Posted by Madison on May 2, 2011

A reader Terri, who is enjoying reading about the process of buying our new vacation home had a few questions surrounding the decision to pay cash: I’d like to know why you chose to make an all cash purchase as opposed to financing. I suspect the decision was easier since you plan to hold on […]

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Student Loans: The Effect of Extra Payments

Posted by Jill on November 9, 2010

Today we’re wrapping up our Student Loan series with a look at exactly how much of a difference a few extra payments can make! For many people, large amounts of student loan debt are the only thing standing in the way of being debt-free. Even if you choose the standard repayment option on a small-dollar […]

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