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AT&T $20 Customer Bonus

Posted by Madison on December 31, 2010

For this week’s Free Money Friday, we have a $20 bonus for AT&T customers, but you’ll have to act quick because it expires today. Be sure to sign up before you begin your New Year’s festivities tonight! Thanks to Keerthi for submitting this deal. How to Get Your $20 Bonus Enroll in AT&T paperless billing […]

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I’m trying out Amazon Video on Demand for the first time this week while we’re on vacation. My husband got me a Logitech Revue with Google TV for Christmas. (Which so far, is a lot of fun!) And just in time for use with my new Google TV, Amazon is offering a free $5 Video […]

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A lot of numbers were thrown around in the fall of 2008 as one by one several of the country’s major financial corporations dropped like dominoes. Here’s a small (not all inclusive) recap: September 7: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were seized by the government with approximately $5 trillion worth of mortgages. September 15: Lehman […]

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6 People You Can’t Afford to Lie To

Posted by Jill on December 28, 2010

I saw a sign in a sandwich shop recently that said, “Honesty is not only right, it’s efficient.” When you’re anything but honest, it takes energy to come up with a new story and maintain that story over time. There’s no doubt that being honest is the easiest and right thing to do. But a […]

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Billionaire Winners and Losers from the Recession

Posted by Amanda on December 27, 2010

I fared pretty well with my portfolio during the recession. Instead of being fearful and pulling my money out of the market, I took Warren Buffett’s advice and bought more. I bought shares in my IRA when the market was down (vs. dollar averaging throughout the year). I also purchased some US Steel stocks when […]

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Citi Preferred $50 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on December 24, 2010

Update: This offer is expired. Please see our credit card directory for current offers. Here’s a very special Christmas Eve Free Money Friday: Citi is offering a $50 gift card sign up bonus! How to Get Your $50 Gift Card Sign up for the Citi ThankYou Preferred card. Make $300 in purchases within the first […]

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Ooma Winner, Christmas Shipping, and More

Posted by Madison on December 23, 2010

Happy holidays from our family to yours. While we’re busy celebrating our holiday traditions this week, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! We’ll be heading out to visit family for the next few weeks, but you’ll be in good hands, as always, with our writers! Congrats to Dave J., the […]

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Last Minute Shopping Bonuses and Deals

Posted by Kate on December 22, 2010

Have you finished your holiday shopping? This week we’re featuring special holiday themed shopping bonuses. In addition to the Gift Card Deals we covered recently, here are more discounts and opportunities to stretch your shopping budget. Here’s a list of shopping bonuses and deals for the last minute shoppers this week: Merchandise Amazon. Amazon is […]

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Payroll Tax Cut: What Your Paycheck Will Look Like

Posted by Jill on December 21, 2010

There’s been lots of news recently regarding the tax compromise that President Obama struck with congressional Republicans. With the extension of the Bush tax cuts, people at all income levels will see their income tax brackets remain the same through 2012, and the AMT exemptions expanded. The tax compromise also calls for a reduction of an […]

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A Stroll Through Our Holiday Traditions

Posted by Madison on December 20, 2010

Amanda mentioned that she and her husband are working on creating their family holiday traditions. As I was reading through her list, I got a warm and fuzzy feeling! I love Christmas holiday traditions, so I thought that I would share ours with you. Our Holiday Traditions Decorating. We spend the day after Thanksgiving putting […]

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