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$25 More for Ohio 529 Accounts

Posted by Madison on September 18, 2009

The College Advantage Ohio 529 plan really wants to give away Free Money! In addition to the Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 sign up bonus, they’re giving $25 more to sign up for electronic funds transfer. How to Get Your $25 Start a new recurring monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) by January 31, 2010. Contribute […]

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MonaVie Trying to Sue, Retirement, and Debt

Posted by Madison on September 17, 2009

This week, I’ve been busy following the legal developments for a fellow writer and friend of mine. You know him as Lazy Man of Lazy Man and Money. Awhile back he asked if MonaVie is a Scam? His wife was recruited to sell the juice blend, which runs around $40 a week, and is part […]

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How to Convert from Microsoft Money to Quicken

Posted by Brian on September 16, 2009

This week I took on the task of converting my Microsoft Money account information to Quicken Premier 2009. The process was fairly straightforward thanks to detailed information provided by Intuit (the makers of Quicken). It took about an hour to get Quicken completely set up and ready to use. Are you a former Microsoft Money user who […]

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Put Off to Tomorrow What You Can Spend Today

Posted by Joe on September 15, 2009

OK…I splurged this week. I spent $1,000 on landscaping and didn’t buy a single plant, flower, or shrub. It was almost purely cosmetic. I was just getting tired spending as much time weed wacking my yard as I do cutting the grass. It was a project that most people would have done in one shot […]

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5 Ways to Access Extra Cash

Posted by Jill on September 14, 2009

We talk a lot about budgeting and making frugal choices – but what happens when you do everything right and still find yourself coming up short month after month? Or maybe your day-to-day cash flow is fine, but you find yourself needing cash to do things generally deemed financially smart – things like paying an […]

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Estimated Tax Payment Due

Posted by Madison on

April 15 is driven deeply into our minds. However, for those of you who have side businesses or are newly self employed, it’s easy to forget the dates throughout the year when estimated tax payments are due. I’m guilty of forgetting just last June. So here’s a reminder, for you (and me!) to pay our […]

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Zecco Promo Code for 20 Free Trades

Posted by Madison on September 11, 2009

It’s Zecco promo code time. Zecco is offering 20 free stock trades for new customers. Happy Free Money Friday! Trades are normally $4.50, so if you use all the trades, it’s like $90 in free money when you use the Zecco promo code. But you have to act quickly, the deal expires this weekend. How […]

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Starting a New Business, Debt, and Retirement

Posted by Madison on September 10, 2009

When I used to work in the corporate world, I spent an hour commuting each day. I didn’t especially like living across town from my office, but looking back, it was probably the most valuable hour of my day. I used to brainstorm various ways to move around money to maximize retirement planning options, tax […]

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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted by Amanda on September 9, 2009

Do you own a home? If so, you can do more infrastructural changes to make your home more energy efficient. These energy savings tips are in addition to the behavioral changes I outlined yesterday in How to Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient. These types of changes are more permanent, and may also increase the […]

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How to Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient

Posted by Amanda on September 8, 2009

When I was a child, I remember my mother armed with a hairdryer in my bedroom. She covered first my one window, and then the other one with plastic sheets, and then sealed them into place with hot air. I remember crying for hours that night and pleading with her to take it down because […]

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