Starting a New Business, Debt, and Retirement

Posted by Madison on September 10, 2009

When I used to work in the corporate world, I spent an hour commuting each day. I didn’t especially like living across town from my office, but looking back, it was probably the most valuable hour of my day. I used to brainstorm various ways to move around money to maximize retirement planning options, tax concepts, and business ideas.

I had all but forgotten about my power hours of dreaming until we went on vacation. I spent hours looking out the window and observing all the businesses along the road; it got my wheels turning again! I must have pitched a dozen outlandish business proposals to my husband as we drove.

Fast forward to today, and I have a notebook full of research for one of the new business ideas! After a week of intense planning, my new business partner and I have an end of year roll out planned. As we go, I’ll tell you all about it. In fact, I might even have an opportunity for readers to participate in it.

Is the end of year date a little ambitious? Sure. But, in all the reports about the high percentage of businesses that fail in the first two years, have we ever seen the research about how successful the business ideas were of people who sat on the sidelines?

Sometimes we have to take risks. If the business fails, at least we gave it a try. If it remains a dream, we’ll never know if it could have worked.

Have you had a business idea floating around in your head for awhile? Looking for some inspiration to implement those dreams? Here are some great articles I found while doing research last week in addition to our weekly personal finance finds:

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Comments to Starting a New Business, Debt, and Retirement

  1. I’d like to know more about this venture! 😉


  2. @ Joshua: Talk about leaving you hanging, huh? I know, it was cruel. Don’t worry, I will be sharing more soon!


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