$25 More for Ohio 529 Accounts

Posted by Madison on September 18, 2009

The College Advantage Ohio 529 plan really wants to give away Free Money!

In addition to the Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 sign up bonus, they’re giving $25 more to sign up for electronic funds transfer.

How to Get Your $25

  1. Start a new recurring monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) by January 31, 2010.
  2. Contribute $25 per month via the EFT for three consecutive months.
  3. Keep the EFT active for longer than 90 days.
  4. Get a $25 bonus applied after 90 days.

$25 Bonus Offer Extras

For new and existing accounts. The bonus is available to new and existing accounts. If you don’t have an account yet, get your $25 sign up bonus first, then enroll in EFT to get this bonus.

Payroll deduction option. Payroll deduction also qualifies for the bonus; you qualify once your employer has sent at least one check or bank transfer for a minimum of $25 and it has been applied to the account.

Stacking bonuses. You can get an additional $25 for another EFT funded from another contributor. For example, Scott and I could each start a separate EFT for one account; the account will get $50. (Multiply that by the 13 accounts we have, and you can see where this will add up!)

For more information on the bonus offer, see College Advantage Account Services.

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Comments to $25 More for Ohio 529 Accounts

  1. Regarding stacking bonuses, it appears that grandma & grandpa could become contributors as well. So with me and my wife, and grandma & grandpa contributing that would net $100 in bonuses for each of our eight accounts. Sweet!


  2. @ Rakso: Brilliant! I love the way you think. That makes this deal even more fantastic when you think of all the possible combinations!


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