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MonaVie Trying to Sue, Retirement, and Debt

This week, I’ve been busy following the legal developments for a fellow writer and friend of mine. You know him as Lazy Man of Lazy Man and Money. Awhile back he asked if MonaVie is a Scam? [1]

His wife was recruited to sell the juice blend, which runs around $40 a week, and is part of an multi-level marketing (MLM) model. Now MonaVie is Trying to Sue [2] him over trademark infringement.

I’ll be closely watching to see how things develop for him, and wondering if we’ll receive any cease and desist letters for companies that I’m critical of…

On the lighter side of things, apparently the IRS is up to date on the way we now communicate. In an effort to generate public awareness about the tax credits (like the $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit [3] and the Energy Efficiency Tax Credits [4]) the IRS launched videos on YouTube.



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