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$25 More for Ohio 529 Accounts

The College Advantage Ohio 529 plan really wants to give away Free Money [1]!

In addition to the Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 sign up bonus [2], they’re giving $25 more to sign up for electronic funds transfer.

How to Get Your $25

  1. Start a new recurring monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) by January 31, 2010.
  2. Contribute $25 per month via the EFT for three consecutive months.
  3. Keep the EFT active for longer than 90 days.
  4. Get a $25 bonus applied after 90 days.

$25 Bonus Offer Extras

For new and existing accounts. The bonus is available to new and existing accounts. If you don’t have an account yet, get your $25 sign up bonus [2] first, then enroll in EFT to get this bonus.

Payroll deduction option. Payroll deduction also qualifies for the bonus; you qualify once your employer has sent at least one check or bank transfer for a minimum of $25 and it has been applied to the account.

Stacking bonuses. You can get an additional $25 for another EFT funded from another contributor. For example, Scott and I could each start a separate EFT for one account; the account will get $50. (Multiply that by the 13 accounts we have, and you can see where this will add up!)

For more information on the bonus offer, see College Advantage Account Services [3].