This Year’s Most Popular Finance Tips

Posted by Madison on December 30, 2015

My Dollar Plan just celebrated our eighth anniversary! We have over 10,000 subscribers who get daily updates. Wow! Hopefully, you’ve all found great deals and tips in our articles to make, save, and grow your money. As always, feel free to email your thoughts and ideas to improve My Dollar Plan. I look forward to […]

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1st Quarter 2016 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on December 28, 2015

1st quarter cash back is here and it’s focused heavily on gas stations. It’s time to organize, activate and put your cards into a regular rotation. In addition, since we still have the opportunity to double our Discover it Cashback to 10% the Discover card again remains at the top of the quarterly rotation list! […]

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17 Tips for End of Year Tax Planning

Posted by Madison on December 16, 2015

It’s time for end of year tax planning! Time to get your financial house in order for tax season! What could be more fun that taking a break from holiday festivities and shopping to start thinking about taxes? It seems like every year when we do our taxes, there’s a few things we wish we […]

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2015 Tax Calculator to Project Your Tax Refund

Posted by Madison on December 14, 2015

The 2015 tax calculator is here! Do you want to get an estimate of how much your tax refund will be before you file? We just updated the 2015 tax calculator with the current tax brackets, credits, deductions, and everything else you’ll need to estimate your tax refund before the tax deadline. How to Use […]

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Free Amazon $5 Credit from Amazon Underground

Posted by Madison on December 11, 2015

Want a quick $5 from Amazon? Of course you do! Amazon is giving out $5 credits to use Amazon Underground. The offer is for Android devices, but keep reading if you have another device because they’re giving it out to everyone. It’s a quick and easy way to earn a free $5 if you have […]

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Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Posted by Jill on December 9, 2015

Our holiday gift guide series continues! This week we are highlighting gift ideas for your employees! If you own a business or serve in a supervisory position at work, you might be fretting about what to give your employees for the holidays… and you’re running out of time! You don’t want to spend too much…or […]

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2016 Roth 401k and Roth IRA Limits Will Stay the Same

Posted by Madison on December 7, 2015

The 2016 Roth IRA limits and Roth 401k contribution limits will not change. It’s time to start planning your contributions for next year. The 401k limits and IRA limits are determined based on inflation, but can only increase in $500 increments. The 2016 social security wage base will also stay the same. I highlight the […]

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Chase Freedom $15 Off $15 Purchase

Posted by Madison on December 4, 2015

Buried deep in the 12 Holiday Shopping Bonuses to Cash in Right Now is a quick $15 offer from Chase Freedom. It’s not getting as much attention as the Chase Freedom 10% Cash Back at Amazon, but it is Free Money! Chase Freedom is giving you $15 when you use Visa Checkout to pay online. […]

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Mr. Rebates Cashback and $5 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on December 2, 2015

We’re continuing our holiday cash back series with Mr. Rebates. By now, you know that cash back sites are especially lucrative around the holidays if you do any online shopping. Mr. Rebates is one of my favorite cash back sites. I love that they keep a “Lifetime Account Balance at Mr. Rebates” to see your […]

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12 Quick Ways to Multiply Cyber Monday Savings

Posted by Madison on November 30, 2015

It’s Cyber Monday! It’s time for online shopping! Amazon is offering deals today on their Fire TV. In addition, they are offering up to 85% off on over 800 Kindle books. And if you are shopping for toys, 50% off on Hasbro today. Here’s my list of deals to stack and use today: Cyber Monday […]

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