This Month’s Most Popular Finance Tips: August

Posted by Madison on August 31, 2015

This month our most popular finance tips were Digit saving, budget friendly travel destinations, the increased Starwood bonus, ideas for a fun night out, and can you and should you afford it?

If you missed the most popular finance tips this month, here’s a quick overview:

This Month’s Most Popular Tips: August

How to Find and Save Money with Digit. The free Digit savings tool is unique. How much have you saved with Digit since signing up?

Can You Afford It? highlights the questions used in the TV segment with the same name. You Can Afford It… but Should You? is a great reminder that just because you can afford it doesn’t mean it’s a good financial move.

12 Inexpensive Ideas for a Fun Night Out with Friends. Kristen points out that expensive dinners, dropping a ton of cash at a bar, or other pricey activities just do not fit in when you’re trying to save or get out of debt.

5 Budget Friendly U.S. Destinations off the Beaten Path. Which location on this list caught your eye?

Starwood 30,000 Point Sign Up Bonus. Starwood’s annual increased bonus ends September 14. If you applied just before the bonus increased from 25,000 to 30,000 it may be worth a phone call; a friend told me last night he called customer service and was given 5,000 extra points to match the current offer.

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