It’s hard to believe the tax deadline is already here! If you haven’t already filed, you’re probably in the midst of preparing your taxes, or getting ready to file for a tax extension so make sure to check out some of these great reads!

Once you are done filing, review How Long Do We Really Need to Keep Those Papers? to see how long you need to store your tax documents.

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Finance Reads

Will You Take the New Home Office Tax Deduction for 2013? – An interesting discussion about the home office tax deduction. -CashMoneyLife

5 Tax-Advantaged Accounts You Should Consider Investing In – If your tax bill is high this year, here are a few no-brainers for helping to lower it next year. -Stupid Cents

7 Reasons You Need an Accountant for Your Small Business – Some things to think about for those of you with small businesses. -MoneySmartLife

Financial To Do List for 2013 – While you have all of your tax paperwork out anyway, take care of some of these tasks. -FreeMoneyFinance

Your 401K is Costing You $155,000!?!? – If your 401k is saving you in taxes, make sure it’s not costing you in fees! This is especially important to consider if you haven’t rolled over an old one into a low-fee IRA. -Lazy Man’s Money

States with No Income Tax – Living in a high-tax state, I have definitely thought about the lucky people in these states more than once over the past few months as my tax forms roll in!

E-File Tax Identity Theft Fraud is Exploding: Here is How to Protect Yourself – A great read for anyone who is e-filing (which is probably most people these days)! -20 Something Finance

Roth 401(K) or Traditional 401(K) – A good review of the different tax considerations in choosing a Roth vs. Traditional retirement plan. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

Tax Carnival – Kristen wrote about 7 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund as Parents in the Tax Carnival.

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