8 Inexpensive Personalized Christmas Gifts

Posted by Kristen on December 10, 2012

We’re featuring the holiday gift guide all week highlighting gift ideas for everyone on your list! Today is all about ideas for personalized Christmas gifts.

Now that the hectic but wonderful holiday season is clearly underway, everyone is extremely busy shopping for presents. We’re eager to find the best deals, to make sure we know everyone we are supposed to buy for, and of course, searching for that perfect gift to bring a smile to the people that are important to us. But when we’re in such a big hurry and trying to not go broke buying these gifts, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying boring, lack luster gifts. I’m talking about those type of gifts that could easily be interchangeable amongst your list of receivers and don’t really say anything about the person we are buying for.

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But one of the best things you can do to make your gift stand out and show that it is especially for the person you’re giving it to is to personalize it. Looking back, some of the most cherished gifts I’ve ever gotten were the one’s that were personalized just for me. It shows that the person giving it to me really put thought into it and didn’t just run into the mall to grab the first thing they could find. Personalizing a gift may seem expensive at first, but it definitely does not have to be. Here are eight simple ideas for an inexpensive personalized gift.

Inexpensive Personalized Christmas Gifts

  1. Calendar. One of the most affordable, yet thoughtful gifts I have ever seen was a beautiful calendar my cousin gave my grandpa for Christmas several years ago. Many photo stores and online photo websites offer the chance to upload your personal photos and turn them into a calendar. This calendar had a unique photo for each of the 12 months along with a tiny little photo of the each family member on their birthday. You can personalize this calendar with your favorite photos and comments throughout the calendar. I love that you can put a photo of you celebrating Christmas in December, celebrating the fourth of July in July, and all of the other special holidays. Before you start, search online for coupon codes because many places offer them especially during the holiday season.
  2. T-shirts. T-shirts are a fun, practical item you can easily personalize. Many websites, life Café Press, allow you to create your own shirt. You can upload photos, write messages, choose graphics, and create a completely unique shirt. Café Press lets you choose the style of shirt including short sleeve, tank top, long sleeve, and you can even personalize hats, scarves, pajamas, underwear, baby clothes, sweatshirts, hoodies, robes, and more. They have different specific categories so you can search by anything that is special to your friend or family member. You can find items that specify a certain nationality, a certain profession, their favorite hobby or television show, or where they live.
  3. Picture Frames. Simply buying someone a picture frame doesn’t say too much about how much you care for them and how special they are to you. But instantly when you put in your favorite photo of you and that person, it turns into a personalized present that will show them you took time to choose that specific photo. To even amp it up a little more, you can engrave it with something. An inexpensive picture frame, or even one you already have, can be easily engraved to signify a special date, names, or message.
  4. House wares. Almost any type of house ware can be personalized. Wine glasses or other glassware, coasters, aprons and oven mitts, bottle or wine openers, clocks, mugs, silverware, and blankets are just a few of the products you can personalize. Many stores already offer monogrammed items so you don’t need to make a special trip. Otherwise, you can personalize these products online or through specialty stores.
  5. Office Supplies. Whether who your buying for has a home office or their own office with their career, personalized office supplies are a practical option that look classy and sophisticated. When my husband graduated from college, he received a personalized clock that had his degree and graduation date, and it still sits in our home office today. Even something like pens and stationary are inexpensive but can still easily be personalized. Just like you can create photo calendars, you can also create photo mouse pads, pen and pencil holders, and other supplies.
  6. Jewelry. Just because a piece of jewelry doesn’t cost a fortune doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. You can find rings, necklaces, and bracelets that already have initials or a message inscribed with something. You can even try to sneak a piece of jewelry your wife or husband already has to engrave a special, meaningful message to it.
  7. Create personalized labels. With the help of online printing websites and office supply stores, you can easily personalize any type of homemade gift. You can print labels for any type of homemade food you made like a jar of jam, your own personal spice blend, or even homemade wine. You can put a photo or a personal message on your labels and for food, give specific cooking or serving instructions.
  8. Crafts. There is a large variety of craft projects that can create a wonderful personalized gift. You can paint a jewelry box or keepsake box with a person’s name or even give a personalized holiday decoration. While at a wedding shower, I saw one of the most clever personalized gifts that I’ve ever seen. The person had made a different wreath for every holiday with the couple’s last name on it. If you aren’t a crafty person yourself, check out local craft shows. You can find them around the community at park districts, churches, colleges, school districts, the library, and even sometimes at restaurants or other places of businesses. Depending on the person, many crafters offer their products for reasonable prices, and you can also try to negotiate with them as well.

How do you save money on personalized gifts? What are some inexpensive personalized gifts you buy for your family and friends?

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