How to Earn Amazon Instant Video Credits with Fast Shipping

Posted by Madison on December 10, 2014

One of the tips I mentioned in the 14 Ways to Save Even More Money Shopping on Amazon is to use slower shipping. With an Amazon Prime account, you can earn free credits for digital music and books by opting for the slower shipping instead of the free 2 day shipping.

The North Pole is delivering Sansa Clip MP3 players and X-Mini II Portable Speakers to our kids this Christmas in various colors. After the big reveal, I’m anticipating we’ll need a bunch of digital music credits to load songs onto them. That means everything I’m ordering early is being shipping slowly to earn music credits!

However, there’s a trick to earn your free Amazon Instant Video Credits for slow shipping and still get your items quickly! I just tried it out and it worked!

How to Get Your Instant Credits with 2 Day Shipping

  1. Place your first Amazon order, without your final item.
  2. Select “FREE No-Rush Shipping” to earn a $1 for eBooks, digital music and videos.
  3. Place a second order to buy the item you omitted in your first order using your 2 day shipping included with Prime.
  4. If the items are shipped from the same warehouse, they’ll arrive together in 2 days and you’ll still get your credits!

Maximizing Credits

Multiple Orders to Stack Credits. To see if it worked on multiple items, I placed 6 separate orders, one for each MP3 player and each mini speaker in a different color. Each time I opted for slow shipping. On the 7th order I used Prime 2 day shipping. All 7 items arrived in the same box in 2 days and I earned $6 in credits!

No Rush Shipping. If you are shopping early and don’t need to use the workaround, the “FREE No-Rush Shipping” will get you your item in 5-7 days.

Why Does this Work? I’m sure Amazon is aware of this “loophole”. However, they are such a data driven company that it’s probably still cheaper to ship it all in the same box. I wouldn’t rely on this method though if you absolutely need your gift by a certain date. For all the items I ordered, it was nice they showed up quickly, but I didn’t need them before the slow shipping date I agreed to.

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