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How to Earn Amazon Instant Video Credits with Fast Shipping

One of the tips I mentioned in the 14 Ways to Save Even More Money Shopping on Amazon [1] is to use slower shipping. With an Amazon Prime [2] account, you can earn free credits for digital music and books by opting for the slower shipping instead of the free 2 day shipping.

The North Pole is delivering Sansa Clip MP3 players [3] and X-Mini II Portable Speakers [4] to our kids this Christmas in various colors. After the big reveal, I’m anticipating we’ll need a bunch of digital music credits to load songs onto them. That means everything I’m ordering early is being shipping slowly to earn music credits!

However, there’s a trick [5] to earn your free Amazon Instant Video Credits for slow shipping and still get your items quickly! I just tried it out and it worked!

How to Get Your Instant Credits with 2 Day Shipping

  1. Place your first Amazon [6] order, without your final item.
  2. Select “FREE No-Rush Shipping” to earn a $1 for eBooks, digital music and videos.
  3. Place a second order to buy the item you omitted in your first order using your 2 day shipping included with Prime.
  4. If the items are shipped from the same warehouse, they’ll arrive together in 2 days and you’ll still get your credits!

Maximizing Credits

Multiple Orders to Stack Credits. To see if it worked on multiple items, I placed 6 separate orders, one for each MP3 player and each mini speaker in a different color. Each time I opted for slow shipping. On the 7th order I used Prime 2 day shipping. All 7 items arrived in the same box in 2 days and I earned $6 in credits!

No Rush Shipping. If you are shopping early and don’t need to use the workaround, the “FREE No-Rush Shipping” will get you your item in 5-7 days.

Why Does this Work? I’m sure Amazon is aware of this “loophole”. However, they are such a data driven company that it’s probably still cheaper to ship it all in the same box. I wouldn’t rely on this method though if you absolutely need your gift by a certain date. For all the items I ordered, it was nice they showed up quickly, but I didn’t need them before the slow shipping date I agreed to.

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