Your 9 Step Economic Action Plan

Posted by Madison on October 23, 2008

São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa)
Photography: That was supposed to be going up, wasn’t it? by rednuht

The new icebreaker for every conversation seems to be the economy. Readers, family, friends, and neighbors are all asking about it. Everyone wants to know what to do in the current economy. There’s a wealth of great information already out there; here it is compiled so you can navigate through it and sleep better at night.

1. Increase Your Investments

2. Laugh at the Economy

3. Teach Your Kids about the Economy

4. Take Control of Your Money

5. Take Care of Your Health

6. Stay the Course

7. Adopt Frugal Habits

8. Learn from the Past

9. Enjoy Personal Stories

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Comments to Your 9 Step Economic Action Plan

  1. Thanks for the link! Great roundup of wonderful articles about our current down market. Scary times, but they can be weathered.


  2. This post is a great collection of resourceful articles. This should be read by all the people who think that they should take their money out of the market.

    Donny Gamble

  3. I like your approach to this and the way you organized it. I also like how you threw in a little humor. It doesn’t do any good to be all doom and gloom. A positive attitude will take you a lot further even when things are a little tougher!


  4. Great roundup. I think step 9 is very important because personal stories can always provide that little extra motivation that’s sometimes lacking when you’re seeing red everywhere.

    That One Caveman

  5. Thanks for including my Idiot’s Guide to Fix the Economy!!! There are loads of great content in your article.


  6. Buy and hold – better than gold. (I had to say that – everyone is making fun of buy and hold). I like the one about talking to teens about economic crisis (like when you drop your change for the soda machine and it rolls into the sewer).


  7. I would also like to mention that for the majority of us near the bottom of the financial heap, we have that many fewer on top of us since the finacial collapse began. And that is a good thing.

    I think people should be short selling right now, though. Buy and hold is good, but raking in the cash is better. Opportunity knocks.

    Lost Cause

  8. Excellent resource! Thanks for the mention. 🙂


  9. Great roundup, Thanks for including me in the list.

    Randall at CreditWithdrawal

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