5 More Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

Posted by Amanda on March 1, 2010

Who couldn’t use some extra cash? Perhaps you are planning a trip this year or next, your bills seem to have ballooned out of control, or you are building up your emergency fund. For me and my fiance, we are getting married in April, taking a honeymoon afterwards, and building up our savings after depleting […]

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12 Ways to Generate Extra Income

Posted by Madison on March 30, 2009

Want to add some extra income to your pockets? If you’ve already analyzed one side of your cash flow with 15 Budget Trimming Tips, it’s time to focus on the income side and find more ways to bring in some extra cash. Here are some ideas to bring in extra income. Some are quick, some […]

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Donating Bodily Fluids for Cash

Posted by Madison on December 29, 2008

The following is a guest post from Tina at Frugal Sisters. Tina found that while she was paying off debts, she wasn’t getting anywhere fast. She has gotten serious about her finances, and is working hard to pay off debt and make better choices. If you’re looking for more ways to generate extra income check […]

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Selling Coupons on Ebay

Posted by Madison on November 1, 2007

Last week one of my Dollar-a-day challenges was from taking a closer look at my mail for potential opportunities. As a mom of toddlers (more about me here) I am inundated with junk mail from everywhere. This week I received a 20% off coupon to Gymboree, a children’s clothing store. Quality children’s clothing is very […]

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