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Selling Coupons on Ebay

Last week one of my Dollar-a-day challenges [1] was from taking a closer look at my mail for potential opportunities. As a mom of toddlers (more about me here) [2] I am inundated with junk mail from everywhere. This week I received a 20% off coupon to Gymboree, a children’s clothing store. Quality children’s clothing is very overpriced if you look at a cost per wearing, since they grow so quickly.

What I did not realize was the price one can fetch for a coupon to a kids store. On a whim I searched eBay for completed listings, and found that the coupons fetch around $5. I listed it for $4.99 and it sold immediately. Not bad for a 2 minute task!

Since these coupons are delivered monthly, I will be able to repeat. I also went through the rest of the mail and listed the other coupons. Macy’s was worth $3 and Old Navy was a no go.

While I have couponed in the past, I was unaware of the high value for Gymboree.