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5 More Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash

Who couldn’t use some extra cash? Perhaps you are planning a trip [1] this year or next, your bills seem to have ballooned out of control, or you are building up your emergency fund. For me and my fiance, we are getting married in April, taking a honeymoon afterwards, and building up our savings after depleting it for the home that we bought. In other words, we could use a lot of extra cash.

As a follow up to 10 Surprising Things You Can Turn Into Cash [2], I’d like to offer 5 more surprising suggestions for how to make extra money for the goals that you have in your own life. Here they are:

More Ways to Earn Extra Cash

  1. Rent Out Space in Your Home: If you have a spare room you rarely use, basement space, attic space, etc., you can rent your space just like a storage unit. Check out Sparefoot [3] and list your space for rent. Another way to find a renter is through the newspaper, or by posting an ad in an apartment complex. Strike up a contract with your renter, and get paid by check or paypal each month (or charge for a set number of months). Be sure to have adequate homeowners insurance [4] on the belongings in your home to cover your renter’s property, or put a term in your contract that absolves you of any obligations or penalties should something happen to the renter’s property.
  2. Rent Out Your Parking Space: Is your home located near a stadium, an annual festival, or public transportation? If so, you can rent out a parking space to one person by contract, or to people as needed. You can attract people by advertising a rate at half of what they may pay for a parking spot otherwise. Google a sample lease agreement for parking spaces [5] and modify it as necessary.
  3. Raise Guinea Pigs and Sell Them to Pet Stores: Kittens or puppies take up a lot of space, so raising them to sell may not be ideal for many. However, raising guinea pigs takes much less space, and are also a great way to earn extra money. In particular, you can raise them and sell them to pet stores. You can also find brokers who will buy the guinea pigs from you and then sell them to places like PetSmart. Check with a pet store that you would like to sell to because there will be certain qualifications. Typically a guinea pig litter yields four, and it takes about six weeks before they can be sold. What a fun project if you have kids!
  4. Sell Ad Space on Your Car: There are companies that are willing to pay you up to several hundred dollars per month for your prime advertising space: your vehicle. Based upon your use of the vehicle, and the city/state/etc. that you live in, you could be chosen to wrap your vehicle in a banner and become an ad as you drive your kids to school and yourself to work. Check out Driven Media [6], or Miles of Marketing [7] (for mothers).
  5. Medical Testing: This one typically conjures up images of rashes and strange pills, but I am here to tell you that there are many medical tests that are completely safe and easy to make money from. If you live near a university, you can typically find medical tests that can range from psychological questioning to a blood sample. Check out college newspapers or bulletins to find these. Also, check out Craigslist [8] or the ad section of your newspaper.

More Ways to Make Money