Best Way to Maximize Citi Thank You Points

Posted by Madison on July 26, 2012

I’m working on redeeming all of our sign up bonuses from the Credit Card Application Spree. Next up is finding the best way to redeem Citi Thank You points! Last week I worked on the Best Way to Maximize American Express Points and now it’s time to move on to the Citi points. We have […]

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Best Way to Maximize American Express Points

Posted by Madison on July 18, 2012

After the Credit Card Application Spree to Maximize Sign Up Bonuses I ended up with a bunch of American Express membership rewards points. The next challenge: finding the best way to convert the Amex membership rewards points to cash (or something else of value). Specifically, the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card gave us 25,000 […]

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Discover Escape 25,000 Mile Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on July 6, 2012

Time for 25,000 bonus miles on your Discover credit card with frequent flyer miles. Happy Free Money Friday! Discover is offering a 25,000 bonus miles for the Escape by Discover Card. How to Get Your Bonus Miles Open a new Escape by Discover Card. Earn 1,000 bonus miles by making one purchase each month for […]

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There’s a new company in town, Wallaby, planning to deliver on something all credit card rewards junkies will love: one credit card that can maximize your credit card earning cash back! No more rotating our credit cards every quarter! We can carry one card and know that we’re earning the most cash back on every […]

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This week’s Free Money Friday is a good one. American Express is offering not one but two great cards with statement credit bonus offers! How to Get Your Statement Credit Sign up for the American Express Blue Sky or Blue Sky Preferred card. Spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. As a welcome bonus, you’ll […]

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How to Collect Multiple Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

Posted by Madison on June 27, 2012

After completing our Credit Card Application Spree to Maximize Sign Up Bonuses, I had a stack of new cards that all had various requirements to get the bonuses. Spend $500 in 3 months, $2k in 4 months, etc. With some careful planning, I set our plans in motion to collect over $1500 in sign up […]

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3rd Quarter 2012 5% Rotating Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on June 26, 2012

It’s summer! Time to clean out your wallet and reassign the cards you are carrying to take advantage of 3rd quarter 2012 cash rewards credit cards bonuses. Since many credit cards now offer cash back on a rotating quarterly schedule, we have to reorganize each quarter to make sure we get the best cash back. […]

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Amazon Visa $30 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 22, 2012

Who doesn’t love an Amazon gift card? This week’s Free Money Friday offers you just that plus some other great Amazon perks! How to Get Your $30 Gift Card Sign up for the Amazon Visa. Upon approval, a $30 gift card will instantly be loaded into your Amazon account! Amazon Terms and Conditions No […]

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American Express Prepaid Card $25 Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 8, 2012

Here’s a great, easy $25 bonus from American Express for this week’s Free Money Friday! Make sure you take advantage of it soon because the offer expires at the end of the month! How to Get Your $25 Order an American Express Prepaid card by June 30, 2012. Load at least $200 onto the card […]

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PenFed Premium Travel 20,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 1, 2012

As many of you know, PenFed is one of our favorite personal finance secrets. It’s no surprise they have a great Free Money Friday offer for travelers! Pentagon Federal is currently offering 20,000 points on their premium travel card. How to Get Your 20,000 Points Open a PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express card. Spend […]

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