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TD Easy Rewards $200 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 29, 2014

It’s Free Money Friday! TD Bank is offering you a bonus of $200 for their TD Easy Rewards credit card. However, as you’ll see below, it looks like it may only work for our East Coast readers. If you do qualify, it could be a good replacement for the Wells Fargo 5% Cash Back Credit […]

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What is a Stock Buyback?

Posted by Don on August 27, 2014

If you pay any attention to business news, you will no doubt hear stories on how so-and-so company is implementing a stock buyback program or how they are increasing the amount of their current stock buyback program. The question is, what the heck is a stock buyback program and as an investor, should you care? […]

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10 Free Things for College Students

Posted by Kristen on August 26, 2014

College is an exciting time, but it can be hectic. Between classes, working, and spending time with friends, you may just miss out on great opportunities that are only available to you while you’re in school. Here are ten not to miss: Photo by: Sean MacEntee Free Things for College Students Career Center: From the […]

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Most of us sit down sometime around the new year, organize our finances, and create a budget for the upcoming year. We plan out our expenses and how much we want to save. Then, many of us either put the budget aside and never look at it again, or we follow along, exactly as planned. […]

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US Bank Business Edge 10,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 22, 2014

US Bank is rolling out a new card, the U.S. Bank Business Edgeâ„¢ Select Rewards card. The card features a 10,000 bonus point sign up bonus; it’s our Free Money Friday offer this week! How to Get Your Sign Up Bonus Open a new U.S. Bank Business Edgeâ„¢ Select Rewards card. Spend $500 during the […]

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9 Student Loan Mistakes People Make

Posted by Kristen on August 21, 2014

I’ll be the first to admit that I made some mistakes when it came to student loans throughout college. Student loans are beneficial in that they allow people to get an education and a degree. But if used incorrectly, they can be a huge drain on your finances. Here are some common mistakes you might […]

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Is a Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Taxable?

Posted by Amanda on August 20, 2014

We featured How to Find Class Action Settlements That Owe You Money last week to help you find current settlements you might be eligible for. I’ve had some luck with class action lawsuits in the past. As each post-card sized, class action plea comes in the mail, I fill it out and send it in. […]

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How to Save Money When You Go Away to College

Posted by Kristen on August 19, 2014

Whether you or your child is headed to college for the first time this Fall or you’re going back for another semester, you know it’s going to be costly. It doesn’t have to be hard to save money in college. Here are some simple tips to save on your college checklist: Photo Credit: Rupert Ganzer […]

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8 Tricks You Should Learn From Extreme Couponers

Posted by Kristen on August 18, 2014

If you’ve read my article on 10 TV shows to watch to save money, you might have jumped on board with watching Extreme Couponing. The show is based on coupon lovers who don’t just save a few bucks, but they save hundreds with coupons. Even if you aren’t interested in going to the extreme, here […]

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How to Find Class Action Settlements That Owe You Money

Posted by Madison on August 15, 2014

Do you ever read through some of the Class Action notices you get in the mail? Many times if you fill out the forms, you’re entitled to a cash settlement. However, there are more settlements out there than just the ones that have to mail you a form. We’re featuring class action settlements as our […]

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