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How to Find Class Action Settlements That Owe You Money

Do you ever read through some of the Class Action notices you get in the mail? Many times if you fill out the forms, you’re entitled to a cash settlement.

However, there are more settlements out there than just the ones that have to mail you a form.

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How to Get Your Class Action Settlement Money

  1. Determine if any products you have previously purchased have open class action lawsuits.
  2. Fill out and file the claim form.
  3. Get a check in the mail.

Current Class Action Settlements

Here are some of the current class action settlements with upcoming deadlines you might be entitled to:

Where to Find More Class Action Settlements

How to find class action settlements through various websites and databases:

More on Class Action Settlements

Carla at Class Action Rebates shared some additional class action tips for readers:

Money Goes Unclaimed. Most people are eligible to claim money from class action settlements related to everyday products they may have purchased. But, because the rebates are poorly publicized, and written in legalese, few people file claims, and the money goes unclaimed.

Simple Claim Forms. Most claim forms take less than 3 minutes to fill out, and most don’t even need a receipt. For example, there have been recent settlements for Coppertone, Sketchers, Wal-Mart organic milk, Facebook, and EA Sports video games.

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