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KeyBank Checking $200 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 30, 2013

This week’s Free Money Friday offer is another option for anyone looking for a new checking account. KeyBank is offering $200 for switching your account to their Key Express Checking account! Getting your Sign-Up Bonus Open a qualifying KeyBank checking account by September 20, 2013. Enter offer code MASC0713. Make at least one direct deposit […]

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Alternatives to Long-Term Care Insurance

Posted by Amanda on August 29, 2013

In a recent article on Long-Term Care Insurance, I discussed the LTC insurance plan I purchased while an environmental investigator for the state of Texas. For $22 per month, I was given a sort of peace of mind whenever my job sent me onsite at toxic and potentially dangerous chemical, metals, and recycling plants. Up […]

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Convert Credit Cards Instead of Paying Annual Fees

Posted by Madison on August 28, 2013

When I recently shared my secret obsession with extreme credit carding, one of the comments was from a reader, Bill. Bill, who shares my love of making money from credit cards, averages about $2k in credit card bonuses per year. Nice work Bill! He pointed out that he is constantly cycling through bonus-offer cards, but […]

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Free Healthcare and Discounts if You Are Uninsured

Posted by Amanda on August 27, 2013

In a previous article, I discussed the medical freebies from the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (typically referred to as “Obamacare”). Some of these new freebies that I have already taken advantage of include some types of free preventive care (I found this out when my doctor actually sent me a […]

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24 Restaurant Birthday Freebies

Posted by Kristen on August 26, 2013

Since entering adulthood, the excitement of my birthday has dwindled a bit. It’s not the idea of getting older, or even another year going by, but it’s the financial burden. Somehow I end up spending more money than I would on a normal day. Going out to dinner or out for drinks with friends adds […]

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What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Posted by Amanda on August 21, 2013

I carried my first long-term care insurance policy through my employer at a cost of $22 per month. I was an environmental investigator, and found myself onsite at facilities in the chemical, metals, and recycling industries about once a month. It didn’t take long for me to figure out (especially after each safety briefing provided […]

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9 Electricity Conservation Tips

Posted by Kristen on August 19, 2013

One of the best ways to improve your budget is to reduce the costs of the things you pay consistently. Every month, you will be paying an electric bill, so finding ways to reduce that bill could really result in a huge savings over time. Here are quick and easy ways to save on your […]

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It’s Time to Get Serious About Mutual Fund Fees

Posted by Adrienne on August 15, 2013

Do you know how much you’re paying in fees for your investments? 1%? 2%? It may seem like such a small percentage that you ignore it. Even seemingly small percentages can have a big impact on your investment returns. Here is why you should pay attention to investment fund fees. Mutual Fund Fees What are […]

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Pop Quiz: How Does Volatility Impact Your Returns?

Posted by Don on August 13, 2013

I want to explain to you the impact volatility has on investments. If you are unfamiliar with the term volatility, it can be defined as the fluctuation of value of the underlying asset. A government bond fund is not very volatile. Its price does not swing wildly from one day to the next. On the […]

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Chase Checking $200 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 9, 2013

It’s time for Free Money Friday! A reader, Barry, recently told me a about a $200 checking offer, so I went looking for one to share with readers. I found an offer for a checking account sign up bonus from Chase. It’s worth $200! But you’ll have to hurry, it expires August 15. How to […]

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