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Citi Thank You Preferred $400 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on November 30, 2012

Update: This offer is expired. Please see our credit card directory for current offers. Citi is coming through with a great offer worth $400 for the gift-giving season. It’s this week’s Free Money Friday and it is just in time for you to use all of your holiday shopping to your benefit! How to Earn […]

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How to Save Money on Holiday Gifts

Posted by Kristen on November 29, 2012

The holiday season is filled with joy, love, and excitement, right? For the most part, it definitely is, but there’s also another side of the festive season. The holidays can wreak havoc to our budgets and be quite financially stressful. But you can still have a great holiday season without going broke. If you’re like […]

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New 2013 Investment Tax: What it Means For You

Posted by Don on November 28, 2012

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare and President Obama won re-election, it is certain that come January 1, 2013, many Americans will face new taxes. The press is focusing on one aspect of the new taxes that will help pay for Obamacare, the 3.8% investment tax. But there are many other changes to […]

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Prepaid Gold Visa $25 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on November 23, 2012

Prepaid cards weren’t on our radar for a long time, so we were surprised by the popularity the last time we found a prepaid bonus offer. We went on a search and found another one! Just in time for holiday gift-giving, the Gold Visa Prepaid Card is offering a sign-up bonus for this week’s Free […]

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How Much is Your Time Worth?

Posted by Don on November 20, 2012

When we think about how much we are worth in terms of dollars, most of us use our jobs as a reference. If you have a job that pays you $50,000 per year and you work 40 hours per week, you are worth roughly $24 per hour. This does not take into account bonuses or […]

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39 Ways to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Posted by Kristen on November 19, 2012

Besides a massive turkey, remembering what we are thankful for, and sitting around the table with our families, Thanksgiving is widely known for leftovers. We cook so much that we end up having loads of food leftover. But just because there’s extra food, doesn’t mean it’s wasting money. In fact, cooking larger portions and utilizing […]

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Finance Tips: Small Business Saturday Sign Up

Posted by Kate on November 18, 2012

We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy gathering with family and friends this week. If you catch any downtime, enjoy some of these finance tips! Source: ReneS Announcements Don’t forget today is the day to signup for your American Express $25 Small Business Saturday Shopping Credit! Finance Reads Secrets to Shopping Costco, […]

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Chase Ink Bold 5% Cash Back Credit Card & $500+ Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on November 14, 2012

As part of my $3,000 Credit Card Application Spree I’m a proud new Ink Bold Card carrier. I was intending to scoop up the $500 bonus when you redeem the 50,000 bonus points and move on… but I found a whole new world of excitement with this card. I didn’t know that it was going […]

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Shopping for Small Items on Black Friday

Posted by Adrienne on November 13, 2012

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is advertised as the biggest shopping day of the year. For some people this conjures up images of hundreds of people in line waiting to get a big screen television. While this does happen there are many other ways to shop Black Friday. Instead of concentrating on the “door […]

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Frugal Your Way to a Pay Raise

Posted by Amanda on November 8, 2012

Looking over our income from the last several years, I noticed what many Americans have probably noticed: my husband and I have not had cost of living increases and only one raise. Just this year Paul received a cost of living increase and I was given a merit raise (hurrah!). Even though we are both […]

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