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Shopping for Big Ticket Items on Black Friday

Posted by Adrienne on November 7, 2012

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and for many retailers the biggest shopping day of the year. Some people love it and some people hate it. I’m somewhere in between (love the great deals, not so crazy about the crowds). If you do plan on doing any shopping on Black Friday it pays to […]

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How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be?

Posted by Don on November 6, 2012

If you are a fan of Dave Ramsey or other financial gurus, then you know they suggest starting out with $1,000 in an emergency fund while you pay down debt. Once the debt is gone, you are to increase the size of your emergency fund to six months of living expenses. Currently, the average length […]

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I see stories in the newspapers and online about why the stock market wants President Obama to get reelected. I also see stories about why the stock market wants Mitt Romney to win the election. Theory tells us that the stock market will perform better when a Republican is sitting in the White House. This […]

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FedEx American Express $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Posted by Madison on November 2, 2012

Remember the FedEx and American Express $25 giveaway last year? If you took advantage of the offer, I’m sure you remember the debacle during the giveaway! Believe it or not, they’re attempting the giveaway again… with a few changes. The free $25 gift card is our Free Money Friday offer. You’ll have to hurry, the […]

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As many on the East Coast are dealing with the aftermath of the destruction that Hurricane Sandy left, some who make insurance claims may be in for a big surprise. Many insurance companies have a clause in their policy that increases the policyholder’s insurance deductible when a named storm hits. Photo source: Not So Nice […]

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