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TradeMonster Review

Posted by Kate on August 30, 2011

As you know, we’re big fans of a total market approach to investing and tend to use index funds rather than trading actively. However, we also like ETFs as part of our overall portfolio. Since ETFs are traded on the stock market daily, a low-cost brokerage like tradeMONSTER can be a great way to include […]

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Credit Scores: VantageScore vs Fico

Posted by Amanda on August 29, 2011

Most people are very familiar with the three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion—either because they have taken a loan out, purchased a home, or know that they should be checking their credit reports from each of these agencies once a year. On top of these credit reports, there is the FICO score, which is your […]

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It’s Free Money Friday! Next up on the list of categories to maximize cash back: the cable/satellite bill! I went through my stack of credit cards and stumbled on a Chase Ink card that I got a long time ago (it was a replacement for a different card, but I don’t remember which one) but […]

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Time to Replace the Schwab 2% Card?

Posted by Madison on August 25, 2011

Are the rumors true? Is the Schwab 2% Cash Back Credit Card ending it’s run in my wallet? Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that service reps began leaking the details of the end of the Schwab 2% card. If it’s true, the Schwab card will convert to a 1% cash back card with a $75 […]

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Will the Payroll Tax Cut Be Extended?

Posted by Madison on August 24, 2011

The 2011 Payroll Tax Cut is set to expire at the end of this year. Based on the current state of our economy, will the payroll tax cut will be extended for another year? Will we see a payroll tax cut 2012? The Payroll Tax Cut The payroll tax cut, also called the payroll tax […]

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Financial Advice for Pro Athletes

Posted by Jill on August 23, 2011

I’m sitting at home watching an NFL pre-season game. Growing up in Texas, football was a big part of my high-school life, even though I’m a little embarrassed to say I don’t always understand the game… Every time I watch what amounts to a bunch of people mostly my age or younger beating each other […]

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American Express 5% Cash Back on Wireless

Posted by Madison on August 19, 2011

It’s Free Money Friday! Time to get another category of cash back squared away: cell phone service! I got my American Express SimplyCash card a long time ago, before it closed to new applicants. The good news… it’s open to new applicants again and offers 5% cash back on wireless services and office supplies. It’s […]

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Playing the Car Accident Math Guessing Game

Posted by Madison on August 18, 2011

Fresh off a new parking lot fender bender (thank goodness no one was hurt!), it’s time to drill down on the money aspect of the damage. Even though I carry insurance, it’s always better to step back and look at the math to determine the best way to proceed financially. For small fender benders, it’s […]

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Retirement Calculator Review: Optimal Retirement Planner

Posted by Madison on August 17, 2011

A lot of what we do is plan for retirement by accumulating money. However, there’s some planning that goes into the decumulation phase too. And it’s where one of my favorite retirement planning calculators excels: the Optimal Retirement Planner (ORP). There’s a lot of advice floating around to access your taxable accounts first, then your […]

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Chase Bank $125 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 15, 2011

Here’s a quick Free Money offer from Chase for opening a new checking account. But, you’ll have to act fast, the $125 offer expires today! Thanks to Keerthi for submitting this deal. How to Get Your $125 Bonus Open a new Chase Total Checking account with a $100 minimum deposit by August 15, 2011. Within […]

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