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Ask Madison: Reader Mail Volume 2

Posted by Madison on September 30, 2008

One of my favorite parts about My Dollar Plan is getting to hear from you. Where you are at financially, what your questions are, what you are thinking about and what your goals are. I took some time out to answer reader mail before and it was fun, so here’s another round of questions and […]

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What Is Your Weakness?

Posted by Madison on September 29, 2008

We all have one. Something we love that we can’t bring ourselves to give up even when we’re busy paying down debt or saving for a really important goal. And our plans are only as good as our weakest financial link. Questions to Ask Yourself Not all weaknesses are bad. For example, if you’ve given […]

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$50 Target Gift Card for 529 Plan

Posted by Madison on September 26, 2008

It’s Free Money Friday! I’m a roll with 529 plans lately, so I was pleased to see that the California 529 Plan at Fidelity is once again giving out gift cards. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve opened about a dozen accounts there for Target Gift Cards in the past. There is no annual account maintenance […]

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Use Business Cards to Super-Size Your Credit Card Arbitrage

Posted by Madison on September 25, 2008

Regular readers know that I’m a credit card arbitrage junkie. This one is for those of you that enjoy playing that game and want to take it to the next level, using business credit cards. Why Are Business Cards So Useful? They don’t report on your individual credit report. So you can use 90% of […]

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The Sunday Evening Blues

Posted by Madison on September 24, 2008

Each weekend at about 4 pm on Sunday the “Sunday evening blues” set in. This week… I didn’t have a care in the world that the weekend was over. This is how life should be, happily enjoying every day, not dreading the next one, because you have to get up and go to work. And […]

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7 Moves You Haven’t Made in Your 401k

Posted by Madison on September 23, 2008

We’ve all heard about the basic retirement plan advice: get your employer match, pick the appropriate asset allocation, and check the expense ratios on the funds. There has to be more, right? Of course there is. Here are some tips for thoroughly evaluating your 401k and taking advantage of the less talked about options. 1. […]

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Ideas for Frugal and Easy Cooking

Posted by Madison on September 22, 2008

Photography: Borscht to Be by Noël Zia Lee One of the best parts about My Dollar Plan is the community of readers that is developing. When I told you that I needed to learn how to cook, you came through with lots of recipes, links, tips and more. Once you know how to cook, you […]

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$25 Referral Bonus for 529 Plan

Posted by Madison on September 19, 2008

UPDATE: The $25 sign up bonus for the College Advantage 529 plan is back! Please see my latest article on the Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 Sign Up Bonus. My favorite 529 plan just got even better! The Ohio College Advantage 529 plan is giving out $25 sign up bonuses for friends and family. And […]

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29 Steps I Took to Leave the Workforce at Age 29

Posted by Madison on September 18, 2008

Today is my last day at work! No more corporate rat race for me. I’ve been planning an early retirement for as long as I can remember. Those close to me have been hearing about it for years. At age 29 I left the corporate world behind and I’m embarking on a new chapter in […]

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Financial Turmoil and Hurricane Ike in My Last Week at Work

Posted by Madison on September 17, 2008

There is a lot of financial news this week! To say it’s a crazy week in personal finance is an understatement! But, before we get to that, we finally have some updates to share with you on the stories going on at our house. Digging. After Digging Up The Water Pipes at Our House and […]

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