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The Sunday Evening Blues

Each weekend at about 4 pm on Sunday the “Sunday evening blues” set in. This week… I didn’t have a care in the world that the weekend was over. This is how life should be, happily enjoying every day, not dreading the next one, because you have to get up and go to work. And I wish that feeling on each and every one of you!

What Do You Do?

Some readers wanted some clarification on what I consider myself: retired, a stay-at-home parent, fully employed due to alternative income, or some sort of hybrid?

It was no surprise to me to hear that some of you are having a hard time giving me a title… because quite frankly, I have the same problem. When people ask me the typical “What do you do?” question, I think for a minute before giving an answer. They must think I’m stupid because I can’t just spout off an answer.

So here’s my official answer: I’m a stay-at-home-mom-pro-blogger-taking-a-leave-of-absence-living-off-retirement
-income-whose-spouse-is-still-working-because-he-wants-to. Hopefully that’s clear now.

So I’m busy organizing art supplies [1] and enjoying time with my kids, because life is short [2]. And judging other people [3] doesn’t really get you anywhere.

You Want to Stay Home Too?

29 Steps I Took to Leave the Workforce at Age 29 [4] was featured as an Editor’s Pick in the Carnival of Personal Finance [5]. In addition, it was featured at Wallet Pop [6] and as a case study at FIRE Finance [7].

If you are thinking of exploring something similar my my new lifestyle, here are some of my favorite articles this week on the topic:

The Economy and Saving

Each week, on Wednesday, I highlight my favorite personal finance articles of the week. Of course, this week the big news continues to be about the economy and the safety of our investments.

Can You Trust Online Banks? [13]
If it’s FDIC insured it doesn’t matter if it is online or not. The same protections apply.

U.S. Treasury to Guarantee Money-Market Funds [14]
Good news for investors. For the next year the U.S. Treasury will insure the holdings of eligible money market mutual funds.

Does The Economy Affect How You Save Money? [15]
Are you having second thoughts about purchasing a $25 million megayacht? Yeah, me either. Interesting highlights on how the rich are cutting back.

Don’t Compound Your Investment Losses by Investing Less in Down Markets and More in Up Markets [16]
I’m a firm believer that a down market just enables you to buy investments on sale. Sit on the sideline and you will miss the ride back up for sure.

Timing the Bottom [17]
“Life is full of ‘80% right’ moments, but there is a paucity of ‘100% right’ moments.”

By the Numbers

Kid Corner