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Free Month of Amazon Prime

Posted by Madison on August 29, 2008

Have you ever shopped at Amazon and wished you could get your item right away? Usually the price of shipping kills the deal and by the time you wait for it, you might not need it anymore. That’s where Amazon Prime comes in. Free 2 day shipping. Although unless you buy a lot from Amazon, […]

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My New Retirement Lifestyle Cash Flow

Posted by Madison on August 28, 2008

Since I announced that I quit my job and plan to leave the workforce at 29, you have been very encouraging! So it’s only natural that you have lots of questions about how it is going to work. I would like to hear more about your cash flow situation. Has your side income grown to […]

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No More Nanny: Teach Me How to Cook!

Posted by Madison on August 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day that our nanny will be working at our house full time. She watches our boys. She does our laundry. She cooks our dinner. And starting next week, we are on our own! She’s still going to watch our 11-month-old for 10 hours a week, but it won’t be at our […]

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Don’t agree with the IRS? Sue them. That’s just what an accountant and one of clients did. For years, the accountant has been protesting a tax law, and they have finally had a court rule in their favor. The exciting part, is that the ruling also affects 30 million other people! You could be one […]

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Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange

Posted by Madison on August 22, 2008

Awhile back we took advantage of the free money offer from Revolution Money Exchange. They were offering a $25 signup bonus. Even though that promotion has apparently ended, they are now offering another $15 in free money! $15 Bonus to Use RevolutionCard Last weekend their “RevolutionCard” arrived in the mail with an offer for a […]

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Ask Madison: Reader Mail

Posted by Madison on August 21, 2008

I love replying to each and every one of you. Although, as some of you noticed, and I admitted recently on twitter, I really suck at email! I’m not sure why, but I often like to think about a topic for awhile before I respond. And then I find that after I finally reply with […]

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Housing, Retirement, Investing… and Michael Phelps!

Posted by Madison on August 20, 2008

I love watching the Olympics, especially seeing Michael Phelps get his 8th gold medal. Find out how much he can expect to earn from all the gold medals. Not only is he a superstar swimmer, but his swimming is inspiring others to get out of debt. Housing Forclosure Hell: Houses Selling For $1. In addition […]

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Leaving the Workforce at 29: Where Do I Go From Here?

Posted by Madison on August 19, 2008

I focused on early retirement my whole adult life. Whether it was hanging out at the Early Retirement Forums the Retire Early Home Page, the old Motley Fool Retire Early forum or the Vanguard Diehards Forum, contributing crazy amounts to our retirement plan, managing our asset allocation, or creating retirement checklists, I always had one […]

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7 Sneaky Ways Your Health Insurance Can Save You Money

Posted by Madison on August 18, 2008

When was the last time that you read your health insurance policy, and I mean, really sat down and read it cover to cover? I happened to read the changes section to our policy and found they had added some new benefits this year. I found that our insurance company will reimburse us for many […]

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Free Money From the U.S. Mint

Posted by Madison on August 15, 2008

Well not exactly, but it’s pretty close! It does require a little bit of work though! (And the free money is actually from your credit card… but the U.S. Mint makes it possible!) Earn Credit Card Rewards by Buying Cash I’m guessing that most of you by now have a cash rewards credit card. If […]

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