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Free Money From the U.S. Mint

Well not exactly, but it’s pretty close! It does require a little bit of work though! (And the free money is actually from your credit card… but the U.S. Mint makes it possible!)

Earn Credit Card Rewards by Buying Cash

I’m guessing that most of you by now have a cash rewards credit card [1].

If only there was a way to buy money, get your cash reward, then deposit the money at the bank and repeat. If you aren’t charged any fees and the transaction qualifies for rewards it’s free money [2]!

In the olden days you used to be able to use savings bonds to do the trick, but that loophole is long gone. We’re in luck! There is a new way, courtesy of the U.S. Mint [3].

Here’s how it works:

Why would the U.S. Mint offer this?

To encourage robust national circulation of $1 Coins (non-numismatic, circulation-grade coins), the United States Mint has introduced the Circulating $1 Coin Direct Ship Program. This program makes it easy for retailers, financial institutions, and other interested parties to obtain smaller quantities of $1 coins than can otherwise be obtained from the Federal Reserve.

Terms and Conditions from the U.S. Mint:

  • The $1 coins, wrapped in rolls of 25, are available in quantities of $250 (1 box) or $500 (2 boxes).
  • The United States Mint pays for standard shipping and handling of domestic orders. Any special handling will be paid by the customer.
  • Orders are limited to two boxes ($500) per President.
  • Specific coins are available only while supplies last.
  • Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for shipping.
  • All sales are final.

Update: The U.S. Mint has added a new term and condition that states: “The immediate bank deposit of $1 coins ordered through this program does not result in their introduction into circulation and, therefore, does not comply with the intended purpose of the program.”

Buy your coins: Circulating $1 Dollar Coin Direct Ship Rolls [3]