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No More Nanny: Teach Me How to Cook!

Tomorrow is the last day that our nanny will be working at our house full time. She watches our boys. She does our laundry. She cooks our dinner. And starting next week, we are on our own!

She’s still going to watch our 11-month-old for 10 hours a week, but it won’t be at our house anymore. Not only will we have to make dinner each night, but we’ll also have to pack lunches for our two-year-old who will start preschool next Tuesday.

Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out!

Last week when I detailed how to get an Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange [1], Todd A. suggested “How about the alternative of preparing your own “fun” meal as opposed to buying delivery/carry out? Surely, a couple of large homemade pizzas could save about the same $15 when compared to having them delivered.”

Great idea Todd! Except that I don’t really know how to make homemade pizza, or much else for that matter. I try. But nothing ever tastes as good as when other people cook it. I do have a few dishes at Allrecipes [2] that I like, but if I’m going to make dinner each night, I’m going to need some help!

I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes! We like almost everything and we’re willing to try new things. It’s a personal finance and cooking challenge: teach me how to cook!

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