Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange

Posted by Madison on August 22, 2008

Awhile back we took advantage of the free money offer from Revolution Money Exchange. They were offering a $25 signup bonus. Even though that promotion has apparently ended, they are now offering another $15 in free money!

$15 Bonus to Use RevolutionCard

Last weekend their “RevolutionCard” arrived in the mail with an offer for a free $15! Use your card for three purchases of $25 each, and you’ll get $5 for each purchase. That’s 20% back!

They make it pretty easy, allowing you to use your card at Walgreens, CVS, clothing stores and a few grocery stores. There is a list of 150,000 merchants, but I picked the ones that would be easy for me to use.

How to Get Your Bonus Money

  • Transfer $75 (plus a little extra if you go over) to your Revolution Money Exchange account online.
  • Activate your RevolutionCard.
  • Make three $25 purchases within 90 days from the list of merchants on their website.
  • Receive your $15 in your account within 7 business day from your purchase.
  • Transfer your $15 back to your bank account.

What is a RevolutionCard?

The RevolutionCard isn’t a credit card. It’s an access card to your online Revolution Money Exchange account. There are no fees to use your card to make purchases at the participating retail stores. However, there are fees for ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries… so don’t do that!

How to Sign Up

I’m hoping that longtime readers took advantage of the previous offer, so watch your mailbox, your card should be arriving any day.

If you don’t have a card yet, sign up for a Revolution Money Exchange account for free. It’s only takes a few minutes. Hopefully they’ll send this mailer out to everyone, as it looks very generic and doesn’t have my name or anything on it. I’m guessing that they are sending it to everyone when they send you your card. I’ll get my mom to give it a try and report back if she gets the mailer.

Double the fun with a friend or spouse. Even though the $25 sign up bonus expired, they still give you $10 to refer a friend. Once you have an account, be sure to refer your spouse. Then you can earn $15 x 2 (for the card bonuses) + $10 (for the referral) = $40!

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Comments to Additional $15 Bonus From Revolution Money Exchange

  1. To me, this sounds targeted at people who enjoy saving money as a hobby. For others, who already have time-consuming hobbies and responsibilities, how about the alternative of preparing your own “fun” meal as opposed to buying deliver/carry out? Surely, a couple of large homemade pizzas could save about the same $15 when compared to having them delivered. And no messing around with account transfers, 3 unrelated purchases, etc..

    Todd A

  2. Thanks for explaining this promotion so clearly. I just signed up through your link 🙂


  3. @ Todd A: You are absolutely right. Many of the free money ideas do take a bit of work. If you enjoy chasing them as a hobby it is fun… but if you don’t, it wouldn’t be worth your time.

    I like the idea of making a fun meal. Do you have any recipes you’d like to share? I’m a terrible cook, but I’d love to feature some money saving cooking ideas.

    @ Abbie: Glad to hear you signed up! Let us know if you get the offer in the mail with your new card.


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