What is a 1040 Form?

Posted by Kate on February 9, 2014

What is a 1040 Form?

A 1040 form is the basic tax form which individuals use to file their tax returns.

The 1040 form summarizes information about an individual’s income and deductions and calculates whether the individual owes the government money or receives a tax refund.

Tax forms 1040 must be filed by the tax deadline, April 15, unless you file for an extension.

When Do I Use a 1040 Form?

All individuals filing a tax return will use a 1040 form whether they realize it or not. There are various 1040 forms, based on how complicated your taxes are.

  • When you input information into software like TurboTax Online, TaxAct or H&R Block, they fill out a 1040 for you.
  • If your tax situation is complicated, you may have multiple schedules (for example, Schedule A) that support the 1040 tax, but you are still using a 1040 tax form.

Other 1040 Tax Forms for 2013

If your taxes are not complicated, you may be able to use one of the simplified IRS 1040 forms:

How Do I Get My IRS 1040 Form?

If you are doing your taxes without the help of software or want to see what a 1040 form looks like, you can download the IRS 1040 form and 1040 instructions at the IRS website:

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