What is Form 1040A?

Posted by Kristen on January 24, 2013

Form 1040A is one of the three forms you use to file your federal income tax returns.

What is Form 1040A?

Form 1040A is slightly more complex than the 1040EZ form, but it is less complex than Form 1040. It is a two-paged form that is easier to fill out than 1040.

However, you cannot itemize deductions on this form.

When do you use Form 1040A?

You can use form 1040A when:

  • Use 1040A if you have a taxable income of less than $100,000.
  • If your income includes wages, salaries, tips, interest income, dividends income, capital gains, social security benefits, any distributions from IRA, pension, and annuity, any unemployment compensation received, or permanent fund dividends for Alaska residents, you can use this form.
  • Use this form if you are claiming only standard deductions.
  • If you want to deduct student loan interest or deduct IRA contributions, you can use this form. You cannot use the 1040EZ form.

When you Cannot Use Form 1040A

You cannot use form 1040A if:

  • You have income from being self-employed, you must use a different from (Form 1040) and cannot use this form. The same applied to income you receive from a farm.
  • You cannot use form 1040A if you receive alimony.
  • You cannot use form 1040A if you plan to itemize deductions or if you exercised incentive stock options.

1040A Tips

Keep in mind that each filing status, such as married filing jointly, uses different tax brackets for calculating income tax.

Tax Credits. The only tax credits that you can claim on this form include Credit for the elderly and disabled tax credit, Credits for Retirement Savings Contributions, Earned Income Credit, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, Lifetime Learning Credits, Child Tax Credit, and American Opportunity Credit.

2012 Tax Form 1040A

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