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What is a 1040 Form?

What is a 1040 Form?

A 1040 form is the basic tax form which individuals use to file [1] their tax returns.

The 1040 form summarizes information about an individual’s income and deductions [2] and calculates whether the individual owes the government money or receives a tax refund [3].

Tax forms 1040 must be filed by the tax deadline [4], April 15, unless you file for an extension [5].

When Do I Use a 1040 Form?

All individuals filing a tax return will use a 1040 form whether they realize it or not. There are various 1040 forms, based on how complicated your taxes are.

  • When you input information into software like TurboTax Online [6], TaxAct [7] or H&R Block [8], they fill out a 1040 for you.
  • If your tax situation is complicated, you may have multiple schedules (for example, Schedule A [9]) that support the 1040 tax, but you are still using a 1040 tax form.

Other 1040 Tax Forms for 2013

If your taxes are not complicated, you may be able to use one of the simplified IRS 1040 forms:

How Do I Get My IRS 1040 Form?

If you are doing your taxes without the help of software or want to see what a 1040 form looks like, you can download the IRS 1040 form and 1040 instructions at the IRS website: