Citi Platinum Select MasterCard

Posted by Kate on May 7, 2010

UPDATE: The statement credit is no longer available but the rest of the details remain the same.

Cash for Caulkers

Posted by Madison on

Cash for caulkers is the newest cash incentive for consumers. The goals of the cash for caulkers program, or the Homestar program, are to create jobs and save on energy bills. The house passed the $6 billion cash for caulkers program yesterday, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots about it in the next few […]

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2011 Tax Rates: Will Your Taxes Go Up?

Posted by Madison on May 6, 2010

Update: Current year tax rates: 2012 Tax Rates & 2012 Tax Brackets are now available. What will the 2011 tax rates be? Lots of things could happen with the 2011 tax brackets, but whatever the changes are, they will impact your tax planning this year. 2011 Tax Rate Changes There are many things that could […]

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Get the Most Bang for Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Posted by Amanda on May 5, 2010

My husband and I are avid travelers. Paul and I met in Japan and carried on a long distance relationship 7,000 frequent flyer miles away, and then just 1,000 frequent flyer miles away, until eventually there were no miles between us! There are about 600 frequent flyer miles between my family and I, and so […]

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Secret Costs of Moving Out on Your Own

Posted by Amanda on May 4, 2010

I can still remember the taste of freedom and excitement, laced with nervousness and anxiety, when my father drove me one and a half hours away to a small town in Maryland and helped me unpack my belongings into my first apartment. It was the summer after my college graduation, and I had landed a […]

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Roth IRA Conversion Guide

Posted by Madison on May 3, 2010

Roth IRA conversions are the trendy thing to do in 2010 since the income limits disappeared. If you’re considering a traditional IRA conversion to Roth IRA this year, here’s a guide of Roth conversion articles to help you navigate conversion rules and the pros and cons of Roth IRA conversions. Roth IRA Conversion Rules 2010 […]

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Should We Buy a Vacation Home?

Posted by Madison on April 30, 2010

Now that summer is almost here, and we’re scheduling our vacations for the summer, we have the itch to buy our own vacation house…. again. (This happens every summer). Every time we rent a place, my financial brain starts spinning. What if we buy our own vacation house, and rent it out when we aren’t […]

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PerkStreet 2% Cash Back Card

Posted by Madison on April 29, 2010

It’s Free Money Friday… on Thursday this week! This PerkStreet offer expires tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure you had enough time to sign up for it. Update: 2% cash back offer is extended. I know the 2% cash back credit card is hot item right now; here is a 2% cash back card […]

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0% Balance Transfers Still Exist

Posted by Madison on April 28, 2010

We haven’t talked about leverage and credit cards lately. Are the credit card games over? Is the 0% balance transfer gone? No. After I tallied our current balance transfer money at just over $172,000, The Rat made a comment that he loves the “articles on the successes you’ve attained by leveraging.” It reminded me we […]

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Roth Conversion Strategy to Minimize Taxes

Posted by Madison on April 27, 2010

Since the number of Roth IRA conversions per year is unlimited, and we have the ability to unconvert the Roth IRA conversions, there’s a fantastic strategy to Roth IRA conversions to minimize your taxes! We previously explored roth conversion strategies like increasing your basis to avoid taxes, but if you’re ready to convert the taxable […]

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