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UPromise $25 Sign Up Bonus

It’s Free Money [1] Friday and this week’s Upromise [2] offer is a great opportunity to earn money and save for college!

How to Get Your $25 Sign Up Bonus

  1. Open a new Upromise Credit Card [2].
  2. Earn a $25 bonus after you use your new Upromise credit card to make your first purchase, balance transfer, or cash advance transaction within 90 days of opening your account.
  3. Your bonus will be reported as pending on your Upromise [3] account by the 30th day of the calendar month following the credit card statement containing the initial transaction. It should be posted to your account within 90 of the pending contribution as long as you are still a cardmember.

Upromise Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a Upromise member and your Upromise credit card must be registered with Upromise to earn and receive all eligible college savings.
  • A Upromise membership is required for the college savings to be appropriately posted to your Upromise account.
  • To verify that your Upromise credit card is registered with Upromise, visit upromise.com/cardregistration. If you are not already a Upromise member, sign up for a Upromise account [3].

More on Upromise Credit Card

No Annual Fee. The card does not charge any annual fee for its college savings program.

Savings on Everyday Purchases. You can get money back for college just for doing the things you do every day. The card offers 1% back on everyday purchases, as well as 2% back on Exxon/Mobil purchases and 10% on select drugstore and grocery purchases.