Spring Cleaning for Your Financial House

Posted by Madison on March 18, 2010

Our snow finally melted and we got our first glimpse of spring this week. It always feels good to open the windows and doors and get some fresh air in the house and do some spring cleaning.

It’s also a good time to do some spring cleaning in your financial house. Here’s a few financial spring cleaning tips I’m working on today:

Ok, that was just one pile of papers on my desk!

Before I move onto the rest of the den, I also have a huge stack of papers on the pros and cons of giving part of our business to our children (think family tax planning).

Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll have more to share on the subject once I decide how to proceed.

What tips do you have for spring cleaning your financial house?



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Comments to Spring Cleaning for Your Financial House

  1. This time of year is also great to re-evalutate your IRS withholdings since you have a good idea of how you did last year.

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