Weekly Roundup: Car Shopping Edition

Posted by Madison on March 1, 2008

We might go car shopping today… depending on the weather. Not buying yet, but just looking at some of the cars mentioned in great family cars. Just in time for my car search is the Consumer Reports: 10 Best Cars for 2008 at My Two Dollars. I’ll consider adding some of these cars to my list too.

Shopping your car insurance? The Wisdom Journal has a very complete rundown of things to consider.

Emergency Funds

Quest for Four Pillars is using his HELOC for an emergency fund. I sometimes use a similar approach. On the opposite end of the spectrum Lynnae found that her family needs a fully funded emergency fund after her husband lost his job last year.

Retirement Accounts

Chance Favors gives his “two cents” on 401k retirement plan options. I recently switched to my brand new Roth 401k and Cash Money Life set his goal to fully fund their Roth IRAs in March.


Pinyo at Moolanomy finished his taxes. Despite being organized mine still aren’t done, but I have entered more than half the data. I’m trying out the TaxAct software and so far it’s going pretty well.

More Articles

Worried about your having your identity stolen? Check out a three part series on avoiding identity theft at Single Guy Money: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Digerati Life just worked her last day. In addition to the typical end-of-job activities she includes a great checklist for tying up loose ends in terms of retirement, vacation and various other benefits.

Here’s some other personal finance articles I liked this week:

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Comments to Weekly Roundup: Car Shopping Edition

  1. Thanks for the link!


  2. Hey Madison, thanks for the link!
    Looks like a lot of great blogs here. I’m just happy to be included in the mix!


  3. We might be buying soon too…I hate it. Good luck Madison!


  4. I hate buying cars! Best of luck!

    Thanks for the mention!

    Lynnae @ Being Frugal.net

  5. Good luck finding a good deal on a nice car. And thanks for the mention! 🙂


  6. Thanks for the link Madison. Looking good.


  7. Thanks for the link.

    I need to get going on my taxes – like you I’ve got pretty much everything organized – just need to do the final push!


    Four Pillars

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