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Weekly Roundup: Car Shopping Edition

We might go car shopping today… depending on the weather. Not buying yet, but just looking at some of the cars mentioned in great family cars [1]. Just in time for my car search is the Consumer Reports: 10 Best Cars for 2008 at My Two Dollars [2]. I’ll consider adding some of these cars to my list too.

Shopping your car insurance? The Wisdom Journal has a very complete rundown of things to consider. [3]

Emergency Funds

Quest for Four Pillars is using his HELOC for an emergency fund [4]. I sometimes use a similar approach. On the opposite end of the spectrum Lynnae found that her family needs a fully funded emergency fund [5] after her husband lost his job last year.

Retirement Accounts

Chance Favors gives his “two cents” on 401k retirement plan options. I recently switched to my brand new Roth 401k [6] and Cash Money Life set his goal to fully fund their Roth IRAs [7] in March.


Pinyo at Moolanomy finished his taxes. Despite being organized [8] mine still aren’t done, but I have entered more than half the data. I’m trying out the TaxAct software [9] and so far it’s going pretty well.

More Articles

Worried about your having your identity stolen? Check out a three part series on avoiding identity theft at Single Guy Money: Part 1 [10], Part 2 [11], and Part 3 [12].
The Digerati Life just worked her last day [14]. In addition to the typical end-of-job activities she includes a great checklist for tying up loose ends in terms of retirement, vacation and various other benefits.

Here’s some other personal finance articles I liked this week: