$20-$100 Signup Bonus Offers

Posted by Madison on April 18, 2008

Looking for a signup bonus? Here are my favorite sign up bonus offers right now:

More Signup Bonus Offers

For more signup bonus offers, see our list of Free Money, updated every Friday.

I started checking out the bank accounts that I have open that I haven’t used in awhile. I found an old account at Virtual Bank that has a referral program. It must be pretty old, since I noticed it still has my maiden name on the account and I got married in 2003. Luckily they didn’t turn my money over for abandoning my account.

Virtual Bank

Here are the features of a Virtual Bank eMoney Market account:

  • No monthly fees
  • Link to your local bank
  • Free online transfers
  • FDIC Insured
  • $100 minimum opening deposit

Sign up Bonus

Sign up and you will get $20 deposited into your account (and I’ll get $20 for referring you). Once you sign up you can then refer other people. If you sign up, then refer your spouse, you’ll get a total of $60 between you.

Update: I have removed all the links as they only work one time. I still have referrals, but I will email them to you directly if you’d like to sign up. Contact me to get an email.

Update on November 24, 2009: I am out of referral links. I will let you know when I get more.

Stay tuned as the Free Money Friday series continues!

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Comments to $20-$100 Signup Bonus Offers

  1. I took #5


  2. Great blog and great promotion! I’m eager to try it out. I’ll email you when I use a link.

    The Family CEO

  3. You can’t help but like someone whose goal it is to get you FREE MONEY once every week ! Keep ’em coming and thank you !


  4. @ Marty: Great! I marked yours off.

    @ Todd: Glad to hear you like the series! Now that I know you’ll be waiting every Friday morning I’ll be sure to turn over every stone looking for the offers!


  5. I was going to say, “Why do I need another bank account?” Then I read it again and caught the part about “money market account.” So this is interest-bearing, am I right? Too bad I don’t have a spare hundred bucks right now but I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out for this when I do.

    Dana Seilhan

  6. @ Dana: Yes, it earns interest. Currently 2%, so it’s lower than ING. But with the signup bonus it is a pretty good deal for $100.


  7. Hi, I used #6.


  8. I completed the $100 deposit. My balance is now $120 (including the bonus). As soon as I can I’ll move it all back to my normal bank account and close this one out. Another easy $20. Thanks for the link.


  9. How many of these links are still available?

    Thrifty Femme

  10. @restlesslimbs: Great! I got you marked off.

    @PT: Glad to hear it’s working for people to get their free money!

    @Thrifty Femme: I have the links up to date with the people that left comments and emailed me, so there are four left. 1-3 and 7 should still be available.


  11. I took #1, thanks!

    Thrifty Femme

  12. FYI, referral money is reported as interest and will generate a 1099INT.

    Thrifty Femme

  13. @ Thrifty Femme: I marked off number 1, thanks! Great point on the referral money coming on a 1099 INT!


  14. WOW, this is another one I didn’t know about!! Thanks for Free Money Fridays!

    Mrs. Accountability

  15. @ Mrs. Accountability: Glad I could find a hidden gem! I’m even starting to look forward to Free Money Fridays too!


  16. hi there,
    Could you please send me a link for Virtual bank bonus so that You and I can both take advantage of the offer.

    jeevan kaur

  17. Hi there! Found this great blog and opportunity to earn $20. I took #2.

    Thank you!


  18. @ Jeevan: I sent you an email a couple weeks ago.

    @ Gaelic: Great! Thanks for using the link, I marked it off.


  19. Hey Madison,
    Thanks for the link, I did open an account (Virtual bank emoney) with it. How long does it take to get the referral? Hope you got yours. I haven’t yet seen mine or my spouse’s.

    jeevan kaur

  20. @ Jeevan: The referral money has been taking a few weeks. I’ve seen others come through, but I haven’t seen yours yet. I wouldn’t worry they all seem to show up eventually!


  21. Madison – I sent you an email about my bonus, did you get it?


  22. @ Marty: Yes, I emailed you back with details:)


  23. i tried one of these links about a month ago and signed up (and funded the acct) they told me i should see my $20 bonus in 30 days. well, 30 days passed and nothing. i contacted the personal rep they assigned to my acct and he says i need the name of the person who referred me and he would send the request for the sign-up bonus to processing. do you want to give me your name on this? if not- thats fine too. I’ll just close the acct and say “i tried”. (don’t know why everyone else’s seemed to work but mine didn’t. used the link on this site . . . ) thanks


  24. @ Stacy: Do you know which link you used? All the links have been used already. I don’t see your name in the list that you had me mark off a link. I’ll email you and we can get it figured out.

    For anyone else that is signing up, please don’t reuse a link. They only work one time. Email me to get a fresh link.




  26. @ Ogidi: I’m not sure. I don’t know much about the verification system with Paypal…


  27. I tried contacting you via the link above and the URL isn’t valid — is this offer still around? If so, I’d love to play along.

    Kate’s last post: In This Sea


  28. @ Kate: Yes, the offer still works.


  29. Can i withdraw the money after i have succefuly register, pls contack me i want to know more about this program


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