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I started checking out the bank accounts that I have open that I haven’t used in awhile. I found an old account at Virtual Bank that has a referral program. It must be pretty old, since I noticed it still has my maiden name on the account and I got married in 2003. Luckily they didn’t turn my money over for abandoning my account [5].

Virtual Bank

Here are the features of a Virtual Bank eMoney Market account:

  • No monthly fees
  • Link to your local bank
  • Free online transfers
  • FDIC Insured
  • $100 minimum opening deposit

Sign up Bonus

Sign up and you will get $20 deposited into your account (and I’ll get $20 for referring you). Once you sign up you can then refer other people. If you sign up, then refer your spouse, you’ll get a total of $60 between you.

Update: I have removed all the links as they only work one time. I still have referrals, but I will email them to you directly if you’d like to sign up. Contact me [6] to get an email.

Update on November 24, 2009: I am out of referral links. I will let you know when I get more.

Stay tuned as the Free Money [4] Friday series continues!