Since I took on the no gift card challenge, my holiday shopping got just a bit more complicated! Of course, a lot of the holiday stress we face is self inflicted…

Amid the flurry of holiday parties, shopping, and all of our holiday traditions, we took some time out for a stress free adventure: making gingerbread houses with Grandma!

Stress Free Gingerbread Houses

If you’ve ever made gingerbread houses with a team of 3 kids under the age of 6, you know it’s not exactly a stress free project. But I’ll let you in on a little secret – the $9 prebuilt gingerbread houses at Costco! Skipping the assembly and going directly to the decorating is a fun, cheap, stress relieving holiday project. Want proof?

Gingerbread Houses

Stressed about the holidays? Here are 7 More Tips to Avoid Holiday Spending Stress!

Holiday Shopping



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Comments to Stress Free Gingerbread Houses, Holiday Shopping, Investing and More

  1. What a great idea with the Costco houses! Huge stress-saver.

    Thanks for including my post about Naught or Nice! Who knew those charges could come back to bite us?!


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