Readers Share Favorite Cash Back Programs

Posted by Madison on July 24, 2009

The results are in from the cash back poll. For Free Money Friday, we’ll explore the reader favorites.

Readers Favorite Cash Back Programs

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My Favorite Cash Back Programs

Just like readers, the program I use the most is Ebates. It seems like they come out on top a lot when I check ev’reward for a particular store. In addition, the $5 sign up bonus is a nice feature.

I also like Big Crumbs. Their payments are the best, because there is no minimum, and you get a payment monthly via Paypal. I use it a lot, so I was surprised to see it at the bottom of the list for readers.

I’m also a fan of Upromise. I don’t use them a lot for online shopping, but I do use them automatically for groceries and gas, which adds up. It transfers automatically to our 529 plan in Iowa.

In addition, I forgot to include FatWallet Cash Back in the poll. It’s another one of my favorite programs that often shows up in ev’rewards.

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Comments to Readers Share Favorite Cash Back Programs

  1. I am interested in cash back programs and i would like to check this out.

    forbrugslån uden sikkerhed

  2. Thanks so much for responding to my comment on the cash-back programs. This was helpful, thanks!


  3. For over two years I have used and have made hundreds by doing almost nothing. The Cash Back just keeps coming in every month. Some months are better than others, but I have to say as time goes on every years is better then the last. Best of all is that I started this for FREE!


  4. I have used ebate for years it is a good choice at any time

    Sigourney Weaver

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