Selling the Vacation Home, TurboTax Giveaway, and More

Posted by Madison on February 23, 2012

Maybe you were right. I’m one of those people, that no matter what someone tells me, I just have to try it myself before I can believe it. I’m just plain stubborn I guess.

When I asked Should We Buy a Vacation Home? there were many great comments and it made us think. But ultimately, you know what we did, we bought it.

And now a year later, I think I want to sell it. I’m supposed to have this burning desire to go there for the summer, but instead, I have no desire. And I hate spending money on it!

I could go on and on about my list of pros and cons, but it really boils down to every reason that readers warned me about (it’ll get old, the kids will be busy with activities, you’ll want to go elsewhere, etc.)

Yikes, what a predicament. Maybe I should have listened a little closer to readers like WR who said: “Ix-Nay on the vacation home. Own your investments but rent your fun.

So now that we own it, we’re trying to decide on the best strategy moving forward. Try to sell it immediately or hold onto it for awhile then try to sell. We’re leaning towards just listing it soon to see what happens….


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Comments to Selling the Vacation Home, TurboTax Giveaway, and More

  1. How about making it a vacation rental. Rent it out in weekly allotments. Hire a cleaning company to clean it in between rentals.


  2. Renting it out to others is one option, but it requires a lot of extra work or you need to hire someone to handle all that. I think that route is better for people who still want to sometimes use the vacation home themselves. If you don’t plan on using it, you might as well sell it and move on.

    Jeremy @ Modest Money

  3. I agree, you should rent it out. At least until you make a decision about selling or keeping it for good.


  4. Seems like unless you view the vacation home as an investment, renting it out could be just a different way for it to be a hassle for you. Dealing with renters, cleaning, maintenance, etc. however many times you rent it out could get old really quick as well.


  5. We do rent it when we aren’t there. When we bought it, we had to keep it in the rental pool as a condition of ownership since it’s on federal land.

    However, while the rental income is nice to offset some of the cost, we still have to pay money each month to cover the rest of the costs. So it’s still an expense.


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