Project Fi $20 Bonus + $249 Credit on 2 Moto X4 Phones

Posted by Madison on April 26, 2018

Project Fi offers a $20 sign up bonus. Right now, they are also offering a $249 service credit when you buy 2 Moto X4 phones. It’s the equivalent of getting the phones for about $130 each, a great deal!

I mentioned we were switching our cell phone service to Project Fi when we detoured for a Free Year of Unlimited Talk, Text and Data from Sprint.

However, now that our year is ending soon and we’re traveling to Europe, Project Fi was back on my mind.

Stack the offer on the Moto X4 phones, with the inexpensive and easy data for international travel, sign up bonus and cheap service for low data users and it’s a fantastic deal.

The sign up bonus is our Free Money offer this week.

Project Fi

Project Fi service offers unlimited talk and text for $20 per month. Data is $10 per gb. You can add extra people to your group plan for $15 per month for calls and text.

Project Fi is a unique service. It switches between Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular service in the US. It also provides international coverage in 170 countries at the same price.

Project Fi works with Pixel phones or Moto X4 phones. They also work on some of the old Nexus phones, but I wouldn’t suggest those!

You can also add free data sim cards to your account for your other devices.

Switching to a cheaper plan or carrier is one of the 4 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill.

How to Get Your Project Fi Sign Up Bonus and Service Credits

  1. Sign up for a Project Fi account.
  2. Purchase 2 Moto X4 phones by May 2, 2018.
  3. Add a second line to your plan creating a group plan.
  4. Activate both Moto X4 phones for 21 consecutive days to receive $249 service credit.
  5. Keep first line active for 30 days to receive $20 service credit.

Project Fi Terms and Conditions

  • This offer can be combined with ongoing $150 off (from $399 to $249) for the Moto X4.
  • If one device is returned, the credit will not be distributed.
  • The devices must be activated by 2 users who are a part of a shared Project Fi group plan.
  • Activation of both devices is required within 30 days of device shipment.
  • Limit is the smaller of 6 Android One Moto X4s or the size of the group plan.

More on Project Fi

Low Data Users. Project Fi is ideal for low data users. We’re on wi-fi most of the time, so we actually use very little data through a cell phone service which makes for an ideal Project Fi candidate. We use the app Datally to prevent apps from burning through our data without our knowledge.

Pausing Your Service. You can pause your Project Fi service. We plan to pause ours once we earn all of our service credits to finish our free year on Sprint.

Bill Protection. The new bill protection caps your monthly cost for data at $60 for a 1 person plan. (Total $80 for the month). For a two person plan it caps the data bill at $100 ($135 total). There are additional details about how much data you get at full speed after the cap, but for us it was good enough to know we’d max out for a month of international travel at a reasonable rate.

Free Data SIM Cards in Other Devices. You can put the free data sim cards into other devices and unsupported phones. You’ll just pay for the data you use.

Cheap Way to Add the Kids. Using the free data sim cards is an incredibly easy way to give our kids a data plan that they only pay for what they use. They use google voice for calls and texts, so there’s no base monthly fee.

Referrals. You can refer your friends. You’ll each get $20 after your friend is active for 30 days. I did try to refer my husband before inviting him to join my group plan. However, it appears for the referral, your friend needs to be on an individual account for 30 days.

Credit Card Cash Back. I’m still experimenting on which credit card to put the monthly charges on to earn 5% Cash Rewards. I don’t believe that Project Fi always codes as a cellular service. It’ll take some time to figure it out though since we have almost $270 in service credits which could last for months!

Do you use Project Fi?

Sign Up for Project Fi

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Comments to Project Fi $20 Bonus + $249 Credit on 2 Moto X4 Phones

  1. What do you think is the lowest cost plan if you simply cannot give up your iPhone?


    • Hi Kelly,
      I’d look into MintSim (which runs on T-mobile) or Tello (which runs on Sprint). We’ve used both of those plans successfully and saved quite a bit. By the way, I switched from an iPhone to Android and couldn’t be happier!


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